They Can’t Handle The Truth

Mask wearing has become some sort of religious rite and a blind compliance that you dare not question the wisdom of. But here we are again. The case for masks has taken another blow as we see large spikes in heavy mask-wearing countries like Japan and the Philippines. And mind you, the Philippines was declared the mask compliance champion by The New York Times.

The Philippines daily new cases spiked, almost doubling, since early July. Japan’s daily new cases has nearly doubled as well within the same timeframe. So what does this mean? We see absolutely no correlation between masking and case numbers. Scandinavian countries have almost non-existent masking and have had one of the lowest cases of deaths in Europe. 

Looking at the United States, the states that had little masking early on did the best. States like New York and California that adopted mandates early did far worse. They ended up with the same spikes that states such as Texas and Florida saw with less deaths per capita than the North East. So why isn’t anyone saying anything about all of this? I mean, masks are being mandated by force of law, it’s insane. 

Holland, on the other hand, has argued that there’s no solid evidence that coverings even work. Top scientists have examined key data and research that wearing masks may actually hamper the fight against disease. 

“Face masks in public places are not necessary, based on all the current evidence. There is no benefit and there may even be negative impact,” said Coen Berends, spokesman for the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

Holland’s experts believe that wearing a mask detract from the clear three-pronged message that has kept coronavirus deaths down: wash hands regularly, maintain social distancing, and stay at home if suffering any symptoms. Masks were giving people a false sense of security in which they think they are immune from disease or stop social distancing. Wearers routinely misuse or contaminate their coverings by fitting them incorrectly, failing to change them, and touching their faces. 

Studies by one membrane specialist at Eindhoven University found that while the coronavirus particles are caught by an electrostatic layer in medical masks, they can penetrate bigger pores found in cotton.

The impacts are obvious. Keeping your face cooped up in a damp piece of cloth all day is a breeding ground for bacteria. It also encourages far more touching of the face, which is a primary vector of the spread of coronavirus. 

If real evidence came out tomorrow that said masks were highly effective then hey, I’m all for it. But the science isn’t there and runs counter to the current masking narrative. So why the mask hysteria given all of this? Because people want to convince themselves they are in control and masks are the security blanket to that. It’s the magical shield against everyone in line at the grocery store. 

The worst part is that we still see figures like Dr. Birx saying people should wear masks in their own homes and wear a face shield WITH a mask. Dr. Fauci has also promoted future lockdowns, which have also been shown to be completely ineffective. It’s time the left comes forward to admit they had no data, knew nothing, and acknowledge they overreacted. But hey, very few have that much political courage.