Biden Grants Pardons to 11, Clemency to Five in Crack Cocaine Cases

Did you know that it is “Second Chance Month?” It’s not obscure to say that they have “months” for everything, from “Black History Month”, to “Hispanic Heritage Month”, to “LGBTQ Month.”

There doesn’t seem to be an “official” Second Chance Month on the official government calendar. April is National Pickleball Month, as well as National Limb Loss Awareness Month. Also, April is “National Afternoon Tea Month” and “English Language Month.”

I hope that the designer of this website has a second chance at getting it right.

Biden is the man to blame for creating a phony month to suit his political agenda. He would have been better off if he had just forgotten about it.

Biden, as a way to honor Second Chance Month by granting early release of five crack dealers while commuting sentences for 11 other drug criminals. What a man!

“America is a nation founded on the promise that second chances are available.” In a recent statement, the 81-year-old president reaffirmed his commitment to rehabilitation and reentry of people who return to their communities after incarceration.

We all believe in giving people a second chance, especially when they show contrition. Crack dealers are another breed. They could only be released early if they spent the next 10 years helping addicts who were victims of the poison that they sold. The crack dealers could spend their time working with addicts, and also working for families of those who have lost loved ones due to the dealer’s efforts.

Biden says that five crack dealers have been convicted for “nonviolent” drug crimes. The term “nonviolent” can be interpreted differently when you consider the damage done to these drug dealers’ customers.

“We also recommit ourselves to building a system of criminal justice that is true to these ideals, and that ensures everyone receives the same justice under the law,” Biden said. “That’s why I’m announcing today the steps I will take to make this promise real.”

Biden’s pardoning of criminals who are already freed and have shown genuine rehabilitation is not a problem for me.

The Hill:

Biden pardons Jason Hernandez of McKinney in Texas. The 47-year-old was convicted of several nonviolent drug offenses. In 2013, former President Obama commuted Hernandez’s sentence. He now runs a non-profit that has converted the store where he sold drugs into a market selling affordable quality food.

Beverly Holcy of Palatka in Florida, who is 59 years old and has pleaded guilty to a nonviolent drug offense she committed when she was 27. She now volunteers at a church and is employed.

Other pardonees include Jeffrey Alan Lewis, 58, from Douglasville in Georgia, who admitted to a nonviolent offense of drug use at age 40 and is now employed consistently, and Bobby Darrell Lowery, 50, of Jackson, Miss. He was convicted at age 25 of a drug offense that did not involve violence and has now found steady employment.

The conviction will be removed from their records, allowing them to sit on juries, vote, and enjoy other rights.

In a statement, Biden stated that “like my other clemency measures, these pardons reflect my commitment to address racial inequalities and improve public safety.”

There are more effective ways to deal with “racial inequalities” than allowing drug dealers to return to the streets.