Biden’s Policies ‘Crushing’ U.S. Economy, Critics Warn

An economic editor has just explained, in contrast to the current media propaganda about Biden’s policies wrecking the U.S. Economy — a report that is consistent with everyday Americans’ experiences.

Breitbart’s economics editor John Carney described the Democrat induced economic disaster on Fox Business last week. He said, “We’re experiencing tyranny through regulation.” Carney then went on to list the various Biden Administration regulations that are harmful to the economy.

Carney, on Fox’s Kudlow show, said: “When you add giant regulatory burdens to the private sector, what you end up doing is crushing businesses’ ability to grow, crushing businesses’ ability to hire people, and crushing people’s ability to start new business.”

He said, “That’s what happened under Obama. It was only 1/5 what Biden did.” Biden, if you look at his track record, this is only the first half. Imagine what he’ll do as a lame-duck president if he wins reelection, it will be 4 times more than what he does now.

In polls, economic issues are often rated as the top concern of voters. Economic hardships are likely to influence the outcome of 2024’s election.

Carney stated, “Just last week, they implemented some regulations which the American Action Forum claimed they had never seen before. They implemented tailpipe emissions which cost around $850 billion.

The radical climate alarmist ideology is one of the main reasons why the Biden Administration keeps sabotaging our economy. Carney stated that the new lamp regulations were put into place because they believed our lights were too bright and consuming too much energy. “So you better adjust your eyes so you can read in dim light. “They can’t think of anything they don’t wish to regulate. They want punitive regulation on the U.S. Economy.”

The Biden administration continues to push for the phase-out of gas-powered cars, even though it is impossible to produce enough electricity to run enough electric vehicles and cars to keep America on wheels.

Carney stated that “under the new tailpipe emission regulations, they think we’ll need to have 56% electric vehicles by 2030,” Carney said. “Guess what? It’s only a few years away, and no one wants the electric vehicles they are trying to sell. They’ll try to force it on Americans by declaring internal combustion engines illegal.” Reality is irrelevant, the Biden Administration has a woke philosophy to push.

A trucker warned on Fox Business in the first week of this month that the Biden Administration’s “greenhouse gases” regulations were sabotaging trucking. Each economic policy implemented by the Biden Administration has either created or worsened problems. Inflation is costing Americans more than $1,000 per month for just basic expenses compared to the time Biden was in office. This is not surprising, given that inflation increased by 18% during Biden’s tenure and could rise even higher.

The Biden administration is only interested in leftist politicians and their wealthy friends. No matter how badly American businesses and workers suffer, they won’t change their policies. Carney is correct; the Biden Administration practices tyranny through regulation.