Top Democrat Faces Defamation Lawsuit Sending Shockwaves Through Party Ranks

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) top Democrat of the House Oversight Committee is being sued.

Tony Bobulinski, a former Hunter Biden associate, filed the lawsuit Monday after Rep. Raskin refused to retract the many statements and social media postings that were made to try to damage his reputation.

The lawsuit states that “Defendant Jamin Raskin has repeatedly lied” about Plaintiff Anthony Bobulinski. He implied and stated directly that Bobulinski had lied to Congress, was a Trump campaign pawn and plant, had collaborated with Trump’s campaign, committed criminal acts, and was not an unbiased witness. “Defendant lied only to further his political agenda, by intentionally smearing the character of Mr. Bobulinski. He also lied to protect Joseph Biden.” The statements made by the defendant are unambiguously false and defamatory.

Raskin reposted tweets from Bobulinski’s legal team that made outrageous claims about witnesses who testified against Joe Biden. Some of these tweets were directed at Bobulinski. One tweet stated that the witnesses who testified against Biden were “a Chinese spy and a Russian spy” but none of them had touched Joe Biden, because he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Raskin also tweeted that Bobulinski was “a disgruntled wannabe business partner turned Trump World Hype man.” Other sources cite Raskin’s statements calling Bobulinski a “bitterly frustrated would-be business partner who worked with the Trump campaign,” and “Donald Trump’s political pawn,” which are both untrue.

Raskin was warned by Bobulinski’s legal team that he did not have immunity for his defamatory remarks. The Speech and Debate Clause is found in Article I, Section 6 Clause 1, of the United States Constitution. It states, among other things: “for any Speech or Debate in either House they shall not have been questioned in any Other Place.”

According to the lawsuit Raskin “deliberately, maliciously, and outside of the scope and authority of his employment made these statements to discredit Mr. Bobulinski’s testimony and besmirch the character Mr. Bobulinski.”

They added: “It would have been a mistake to think that [Raskin] was immune for his defamatory remarks.”

The lawsuit is seeking a total of $20 million in damages against Rep. Raskin.

Raskin, who was a member of the House at the time, interrupted Bobulinski during his opening statement last month when Bobulinski accused him and Rep. Dan Goldman, D-N.Y., of lying.

Bobulinski stated during the hearing that “Representatives Dan Goldman, Jamie Raskin, and Mr. Goldman–both attorneys–and Mr. Goldman–a former prosecutor in the [Southern District of New York] will continue to Lie today and then go to the Media to Tell More Lies.” Abbe Lowell is Hunter Biden’s attorney and she weaponizes letters sent to Congress in an attempt to discredit my name.

Raskin repeatedly interrupted Bobulinski’s opening remarks to throw a hissy fit at Chairman James Comer, R-Ky.

Raskin: “Am I to say, ‘It’s my time’? Raskin?” Bobulinski laughed as he asked.

Bobulinski previously filed defamation suits against Rep. Dan Goldman, (D-N.Y.), and Fox News host Jessica Tarlov.