Chaotic Scene: Pelosi’s University Speech Derailed by Anti-Israel Agitators

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was interrupted during a speech that she delivered in the United Kingdom, on Thursday, by anti-Israeli students. Another protest group called her a “warmonger.”

Pelosi was about to begin her remarks at the Union of the University of Oxford when a student stood up quietly and made his way to the front of the room. The student then displayed a Palestinian flag before turning to the audience and blocking her view.

Youth Demand, the group that took credit for this protest, shared a video from the protest on X.

The post warned, “The group’s protesters aren’t f—ing around anymore.”

After realizing that the student was protesting, people in the crowd began to boo and told him to sit down.

Pelosi, despite the interruption, continued to make her remarks when she called for a peaceful Gaza.

The Telegraph reported that the Democratic legislator said “The suffering in Gaza must end.” “We want peace for both sides.” “Both sides must agree.”

The Telegraph reported that the two men stood awkwardly before the podium but later were removed by the police. The attendees seemed to applaud the duo’s removal.

Youth Demand posted a statement saying, “We will not be silent when children are murdered and hospitals bombed. These people have a platform.”

Pelosi was awarded the Sutherland Leadership Award at University College Dublin on Monday. Students protested outside the university during her visit.

The interruption occurs as hundreds of elite U.S. college and university students have created anti-Israel camps on their campuses. Some of the demonstrations were violent and antisemitic. They called for a truce between Israel and Hamas as their war in Gaza has killed tens and thousands of Palestinians.