The Left Is Panicking…

It’s time for the Dems to have another media meltdown when they hear the latest poll numbers. 

At least 3 polls now have shown that President Donald Trump is within 4-6 points of Joe Biden. This reflects how much the polls actually tilt and then there’s the ‘secret Trump voter’ effect as well. Those who support Donald Trump but won’t tell anyone about it. 

According to the Washington Examiner, the race is much closer than the “blowout election victory” posed by the Democrats. President Donald Trump is just 4 points away from Joe Biden. This just-released Emerson College poll shows Biden at 50% and Trump at 46%. 

A majority of the voters, 53% to be exact, still think Trump will be reelected in November. Seeing how things have been for Biden these last few weeks, that wouldn’t be a surprise. He can barely work his way through a full sentence without mumbling or getting side-tracked. 

The numbers at the Emerson College poll also looked at those who plan to vote, and it seems that Trump is ahead of Biden among those who plan to vote in person. 58% of voters plan to vote in person, while 43% plan to vote by mail. 

The Zogby Poll also showed the race pretty close with 44% for Biden voters and 40% for Trump voters. Other numbers like the Rasmussen poll had the race for Biden at 47% and Trump at 45% until a new poll showed that Trump has 51% approval, better than Barack Obama’s at this time in his presidency, which was 44%. 

Polls have also noticed that the enthusiasm with Trump supporters are greater than those who are Biden supporters. They’ve noticed that the Biden supporters aren’t excited for Biden as much as they are just anti-Trump. When asked, “How enthusiastic are you about voting for president in the upcoming presidential election in November?” 53% of Biden’s supporters said “extremely or very enthusiastic” compared to 76% of Trump supporters.

President Trump has the commanding lead here especially with those who plan to vote in person. I think, at this point, most Republicans are seeing the spiraling violence and riots of the radical left and are glad President Trump is addressing it with the Feds instead of playing into some whimsical nonsense. We need a leader, not a follower. 

The Democrats have fallen silent in wanting, but failing, to address any race issues they have called out, while President Trump has responded in what’s he’s going to do to get this country back on track. Biden has barely addressed the public during his campaign, let along the riots and race wars started by his own party.

Who knows whether keeping Biden locked up in the basement will ultimately harm his campaign or not, but we do know this. The poll numbers are speaking and people have had enough of the craziness hitting their neighborhoods. It’s time the right took charge.