Pentagon Alerts U.S. About Incoming Haitian Migration Surge

The Department of Defense has confirmed they are expecting a mass migration of Haitians as the country descends into anarchy.

Matt Gaetz, Florida Rep., asked DOD official Rebecca Zimmerman during a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday about the possibility of a migration wave from Haiti. He said that as a Floridian he was “very concerned” about this issue.

Zimmerman said, “Congressman we are doing many things to make sure that we keep track of the situation, and that we’re also prepared.” “At this time, we’ve not seen large numbers – what we would call a maritime mass immigration.”

Gaetz interjected, “Do you expect a massive migration?”

Zimmerman replied, “We are aware of that possibility. I think you are right, the driving conditions could be very difficult for more people in Haiti. We’ve approved additional aid that we can give to the Coast Guard.”

Gaetz asked Army General Laura Richardson of the U.S. Southern Command if it was the right time to “activate” the authorities in response.

Richardson stated, “I believe we should be positioned appropriately to deal with this. I’ve requested increased capabilities to do just that.” We are prepared to handle a large-scale migration.”

The New York Post also reported that a memo was sent to Miami border agents, stating “it is unlikely Haitians will be repatriated to their homeland, given the instability of Haiti.”

The email stated that “due to the collapse of the Haitian government, it is possible that repatriating Haitians will not happen soon.” If this is true, the Coast Guard might not be stopping Haitian sailing freighters.

The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, has evacuated non-essential personnel.

Ariel Henry, Haiti’s prime minister, resigned on Tuesday amid a deepening crisis. He asked “all Haitians” to stay calm and to do all they could to bring peace and stability back as quickly as possible.

According to the United Nations Immigration Office, at least 15,000 people have been displaced as a result of the gang violence that has taken over the streets.

The U.S. Embassy announced in a Monday statement that the State Department had requested the embassy to increase security.

The statement reads, “At the request of the Department of State the U.S. Military conducted an operation to enhance the security of U.S. Embassy Port-au-Prince. This allowed our Embassy mission to continue and non-essential staff to leave.”