President Biden’s Controversial Move: Plans to Grant Iran $10 Billion

Joe Biden is on the verge of doing yet another lucrative favor to the terrorist who supports the government of Iran. According to reports, the White House will renew a waiver of sanctions. This decision would allow up to $10 billion worth of frozen assets to be released for the regime.

The money is supposed to be used for humanitarian causes. The money, however, is likely to be used for funding projects that are not humanitarian, considering Iran’s past.

According to a group of GOP lawmakers, the Biden administration will issue a new sanctions waiver for Iran, which will allow the country to access upwards of $10 billion of frozen assets. This would give Tehran “a financial lifeline,” as it promotes terrorism in the Middle East.

In November, just a few days after Hamas attacked Israel, the State Department approved a waiver of sanctions that allows Iraq to send multi-billion dollar electricity payments to Iran. The waiver that allows Tehran to access around $10 billion of frozen funds will expire this month unless it’s renewed by the Biden administration.

The waiver would enable Iraq to transfer payments for electricity to the Iranian regime. Tehran would gain substantial resources. House Republicans sent a letter to Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen, in which they argued that the move was not a good one. They argued that the Administration, by removing sanctions, is providing a financial lifeline to the Iranian regime while it continues to fund terrorist groups around the world.

Iran’s long-standing history of funding terrorism should be seen as an indication of what to expect if the Biden Administration grants the waiver. The letter states that Iran has a long history of deceiving about humanitarian transactions. There is no reason for them to try to circumvent these restrictions again.

If these sanctions were lifted, it would not only undermine the global effort to combat terrorist organizations but also put American soldiers in harm’s way who are serving abroad.

Richard Goldberg who worked previously with the White House National Security Council in the Iran portfolio said that the Biden Administration’s decision to waive sanctions on other countries “subsidized” October 7 and the “murder of 3 American soldiers in Jordan”.

This is a terrible idea. The Biden Administration will likely implement it.

Giving Iran’s government more money at a time of increased concern about terrorism due to the conflict in Gaza would only make things worse. The regime has already helped terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and others to attack Israel.

It was revealed shortly after the war in Hamas broke out that Iran helped plan the terrorists’ October 7 attack in Israel in which 1,200 Israeli soldiers, civilians, and hostages were brutally killed. This is not “humanitarian support”.

The president’s consideration of such a step shows that he still hasn’t learned his lesson. It’s either that or he does not care if the billions he wants to send the Iranian regime will be used to fund even more brutal murders committed by terrorists and radicals in the area.