Biden Talks About Writing Bad Checks in Delusional Speech About Retirement Money

You have to hand it to Joe Biden, sometimes he has true gall to say the things that he does.

Biden’s day was typical Biden: he had very little on his schedule. It was not related to any crisis that he helped create, like the Americans who were trapped or held hostage in Gaza.

He did make some remarks at the White House on “protecting Americans retirement security.”

These remarks can be read here. What’s noteworthy about these remarks is that they don’t protect anyone’s retirement. This is a list of his efforts to reduce junk fees. So? Although people may not like junk charges, they are usually small and insignificant. Biden’s inflation, on the other hand, has caused us to spend hundreds more per month, even for essentials like food and gasoline. He makes people spend their retirement funds and leave retirement to pay for the basics. It’s all his fault. How dare he say that removing a small fee will help protect people’s pensions? He is taking money out of our pockets, making it more difficult to live and then pretending that he is doing us a favor.

Biden stated that “a lot of people do not think about retirement until they are 40 or older.” He added that many people save all their money at the end of each month and put it into a retirement account.

Under Biden, they are unable to save for retirement. Biden has made it difficult for people to save money and just get by.

He doesn’t appear to be concerned about that. He just spews out the nonsense that he has created in his head and hopes that someone will buy it. If they can even understand him.

Joe Biden’s attempt to explain why he bounced past checks was not enough.

Biden explained, “When you bounced a couple of checks like I did when I tried to get going, it was, um, frustrating.” He then seemed to realize that he was wrong and stopped explaining. “Well anyway, this is over.”

Wait, what? He confessed to a crime, did he not? Would any media ask a simple question instead of laughing at the video in the background? This may explain so much – why he doesn’t know what he is doing in terms of the economy, and why his family makes side money.