University of Tennessee DIY Abortions

College used to be a place where you could grow up. College was once a place to grow up.

It is true that college is the last time one can make a dumb mistake. You learn previously hidden information, such as the fact that debt needs to be paid and that gravity works. Many people who came of age before the advent of social media can recall a few… shall we say, “poor decisions.” — not necessarily catastrophic or criminal mistakes, just dumb things.

Now, college is a four- to possibly eight-or-more-year exercise in telling people that they have the rights of adults and the responsibilities of toddlers. Small wonder that a young woman on TikTok was recently reduced to tears upon discovering that adults are required to hold jobs and pay bills. Well, most of the time. Some of the time. Now and then. College students no longer learn how to function in the real world, and worse yet, they are caught completely unaware when that real world catches up with their choices. Upon graduation, they receive a diploma, a vape pen, and a BDS Elmo doll.

Maxine Carwile is a member of the group “Self-Managed Abortion, Safe and Supported”, also known as SASS. Campus Reform reported that the event advertised an abortion pill seminar. Students were directed to an online store to purchase the generic abortion pills that are approved by the FDA.

Carwile calls the online purchase “beautiful” because Tennessee law prohibits abortifacients. Carwile says it’s important to keep the buyer’s identity secret because they are breaking the law. Keep your mouth closed if you have ever ended your own pregnancy or helped another person to end their pregnancy. “Never trust anyone. ”

Women should not lie to their doctors about symptoms such as headaches, nausea, or diarrhea.

I do not know if those topics were covered in the event, but Carwile did refer to the process of ordering and ingesting the pill as minor. She commented that everyone “does minor crimes every day.” She said that the act of aborting a child was tantamount to speeding down a highway. So an abortion is the same as going 70 in a 65 MPH zone? Does this mean that a woman dying from sepsis, because she concealed things from a doctor, is comparable to her being involved in a fender bender?

If you ignore the death of a child, it is clear that the Left prefers to keep their acolytes, or victims, in a state of puerility, where they are able to act on impulse. These impulses could prove fatal in this case.