Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer Agrees With Trump And Says to Open Schools To Save The Economy

chair and table in class room with black board background, no student, school closed concept

It’s always been the same Democratic hypocrisy. President Trump does something obvious, the Dems spend the next month screaming about it all over the news, and then a month later they belatedly agree with the position and pretend the previous month never happened. Remember when President Trump banned travel from China? They screamed about how racist of an act that was and then a month later argued that he should’ve tightened travel regulations earlier. You can never win with the radical left. This is part 2 of that same hypocrisy and it’s all about schools.

The Democrats spent months claiming that anyone who wants to open up schools this fall wants children to die and are selfishly putting the economy in front of the health of American people. This is the position they’ve held since the COVID-19 outbreak back in early March. 

Sen. Chuck Schumer recently took to the podium to not only proclaim that schools should re-open this fall, but cited the economy as the reason they should do so. So now it’s okay to say when it comes out of his mouth? 

“If you don’t open up the schools, you’re going to hurt the economy significantly,” Schumer said, “because lots of people can’t go to work.”

The President has floated the idea of fully reopening most schools in the fall despite the coronavirus pandemic, but when he said it there was national news and editorials condemning the idea completely. President Trump, along with a lot of other Republicans, have taken the heat from CNN, MSNBC, etc, for not caring about teachers and putting the economy “over” people’s lives, and now there’s a sudden change in heart? 

The radical left went so far as to compare education secretary Betsy DeVos to a “child murderer” for saying science backs up schools reopening fully in September. 

But when Chuck Schumer suggests it, there’s no outrage. He said the exact same thing President Donald Trump had been suggesting for months now. Critics on social media saw it as a “surprising moment of clarity” for Senator Schumer. Well that’s a lovely way of putting it. 

Democrats are losing big on every issue at this point. It’s clear that the parent response to school closures was not at all what they expected and now the Dems are scrambling to get teachers back. He’s right of course. You will further damage the economy if you keep schools closed. These are things President Trump has been saying for months. Mind you, nothing has changed within the last week about the virus to make schools “safer,” it’s all about who says it.

Oh, and it’s not only Schumer. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is also planning to open schools state-wide in New York. He had previously slammed Trump of “enabling” the coronavirus and opposed reopening schools, but something must have changed. Either poll numbers or a general sense of political narrative. Who knows? 

“Every region is well below our COVID infection limit, therefore all school districts are authorized to open. If the infection rate spikes, the guidance will change accordingly.School districts are required to submit plans to NYS for review,” Cuomo tweeted.

Whatever it is, everyone’s noticing the hypocrisy but no media platforms are talking about it.