The Church Has Had Enough

CatholicVote released a statement calling for presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee, Joe Biden, to publicly condemn the disturbing attacks against the Catholic Church. This includes all saints, symbols, churches, statues, and beliefs. Biden has been chastised by the organization for being a baptized Catholic, but not using his platform to address these recent events.

CatholicVote provided a list of attacks on the Church describing the discriminations and violence within the Democratic Party. This listed arson-related church fires, desecration of sacred symbols and statues by extremist mobs, and hate-filled rhetoric.They specifically cited leading members of the Democratic Party, such as socialist representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who called the statue of St. Damien of Molokai an example of “patriarchy and white supremacist culture.” 

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortz claimed the statue was a part of colonialism. Native Hawaiian and catechist for the diocese of Honolulu, Dallas Carter, argued against this claim.

“St. Damien gave his life serving the isolated leper colony at Kalaupapa peninsula on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. Any Hawaiian here who is aware of their history–which most Hawaiians are–would absolutely, Catholic or not, defend the legacy of Damien as a man who was embraced by the people, and who is a hero to us because of his love for the Hawaiian people. We did not judge him by the color of his skin. We judged him by the love that he had for our people,” Carter said. 

CatholicVote President, Brian Burch, said the Democrat Party is fueling a climate of hate against Catholics which has led to vandalism and violence. He then questions the commitment of Joe Biden in rising up against the anti-Catholicism across the country. 

Many of the statues and churches were built centuries ago by faithful Catholics, but the radical left is looking for any way to assault the religious freedoms of the right.

Catholic Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-Tenn) reached out and urged Attorney General William Barr to protect the religious freedom of the United States. 

“Today, I sent a letter to AG Barr urging the DOJ to protect religious freedom & combat religious discrimination in the U.S. My letter comes after numerous reports of vandalism at Catholic Churches across the nation, including an incident in Chattanooga.,” Fleischmann tweeted, including an attachment link of the letter. 

CatholicVote has cited numerous articles, including one from the Wall Street Journal, of the dozen attacks on Catholic Churches and statues. The attacks include the desecration of the Blessed Virgin Mary outside of Boston, the Queen of Peace Church in Florida set ablaze, the roof of 250-year-old Mission San Gabriel Arcangel destroyed by fire in Los Angeles County, and several statues of St. Junipero Serra, 19th century Spanish missionary, violently pulled down. 

Religious discrimination cannot be tolerated in a country that prides itself on religious freedom. It’s time Sleepy Joe addresses the faith of the nation and stops twiddling his thumbs about coronavirus.