Are Your Hands Clean?

The National Rifle Association recently filed a civil suit against the New York attorney general after the state official announced earlier their plans to disband the gun group. This is clearly a violation of the First Amendment free speech rights. 

When Democrat Attorney General Letitia James ran for the office in 2018, she centered her campaign around the political prosecution of the NRA because of what the organization says and believes. Just another liberal plot to attack anything that doesn’t align with their core beliefs. She called the NRA a “criminal enterprise” and a “terrorist organization.” 

James announced the lawsuit, alleging years of corruption and legal violations that undermined the group’s non-profit status, focusing on chief executive Wayne Lapierre and three other senior members. She argued that the NRA has gone unchecked for decades while top executives funneled millions and that the group was violating New York’s charity laws, even though they are headquartered in Fairfax, VA.

While James’ lawsuit accuses all four men of wrongdoing and seeks fine, none of them have been charged with a crime. It’s a way to score political points and attack the leading voices in opposition to the leftist agenda right before November.

This is just another primary goal for the Democratic Party and a way to enforce stricter gun laws. The NRA also endorsed President Donald Trump for this year’s re-election, so trying to silence some of the strongest voices in support of the Second Amendment proves this is an apparent political agenda. The timing is just too perfect. 

“James boasted that she would strike foul blows against the NRA and pound the NRA into submission. She vowed that she would use the NYAG’s investigative and enforcement powers for the precise purpose of stanching political speech (‘deadly propaganda). She has begun to deliver on her campaign promises to retaliate against the NRA for constitutionally protected speech on issues that James opposes. As NYAG, James has regrettably succumbed to ‘individual passions, and individual malevolence,” the lawsuit against James stated. 

The liberals are just trying to bully those in defense of constitutional freedom into keeping quiet. The real headlines from the left should be: We are seeking to dissolve the NRA, by any means we can. It’s a good thing the NRA is fighting back. There’s a reason why Thomas Jefferson was so insistent on an armed citizenry to protect themselves against a corrupt government. For power trips like this from the left. 

“We are seeking to dissolve the NRA for years of self-dealing and illegal conduct that violate New York’s charities laws and undermine its own mission. The NRA diverted millions of dollars away from its charitable mission for personal use by senior leadership,” James tweeted. 

Wait, is that the same as BLM diverting funds to the Dem Party? Asking for a friend.