YouTuber Faces Charges After Helicopter Fireworks Stunt Targets Lamborghini in California Desert

A YouTuber was arrested for federal charges, after allegedly directing a video in which fireworks were fired by a helicopter at a Lamborghini near Los Angeles last year.

According to the Justice Department, Suk Min Choi, also known as Alex Choi and a resident of Los Angeles, directed the video “Destroying A Lamborghini with Fireworks”, which featured two women firing fireworks from a helicopter toward the luxury car located in San Bernardino County.

The helicopter was flying too close to the ground, according to prosecutors. Accordingly, the video shows that Choi pressed “fire missiles” as the women shot at the sports car.

Choi makes various references in this video about himself coordinating shooting. This was stated by the Justice Department in a release.

Choi thanked a company that made the camera in the video “for being part of my crazy and stupid ideas.” Choi claimed that the people who worked on this film were “f *****ed” up because he forgot to teach his friend how to use the torch.

Choi has 924000 subscribers on YouTube and another 1.2 million on Instagram. He stopped filming when someone asked him if he wanted to do it again.

We’re going to the fireworks show, right? “He allegedly responded.

Choi faces a single count of placing an explosive device on an aircraft.

In the 11-minute video, which is no longer available on his social media accounts, the helicopter chases a car speeding down a road while shooting fireworks at it.

Authorities believe the footage was shot on June 20, 2023, at the El Mirage Dry Lakebed. Choi has been accused of failing to obtain a permit or approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. He also bought fireworks in Nevada which are illegal in California.

Choi faces 10 years of federal prison if convicted.