Bill Maher Reveals Two Crucial Factors That Could Spell Doom for Biden in the Election

Bill Maher, despite his Trump Derangement Syndrome, remains a Democrat. He’ll probably vote for Joe Biden, if he even votes.

Funny thing is, he always gives everyone else reasons not to do it. He believes Biden will lose, as he said last week.


Maher, as outlined by our sister website Townhall, detailed on Friday the two major issues that he believes would sink Biden if he indeed lost.

Firstly, people can’t seem to get over the fact that “he is old.”

The incoherence isn’t helping either.

Maher then lays out the many problems Joe has created for himself, including the border and illegal immigrants. He said, “On a political level, I don’t believe they could have dealt with it any worse.”

Maher pointed out that Biden finally issued an executive order concerning the border, “after saying that he could do nothing.”

He then mocked the 2,500-limit in the EO which would trigger action. “Fire Marshall says ‘No more!’ He will close the club. You can’t enter if you don’t stamp your hand! He said that it was ‘surge pricing on Uber.’ It’s a bizarre plan. He said that it appears that he has done ‘nothing’ and that he is making a last-ditch effort. However, he tries to blame Republicans, incorrectly, for the terrible bill which did not solve anything. He said, “This is the last-minute, Hail Mary, pass he’s going to make before the election.” You know that voters will realize that Biden did nothing and is only trying to save his election.

Matt Welch, a podcaster, said that Biden knew it was unlikely to survive in court. “It’s a confession that he had the ability to do it all along, but he didn’t.” Abigail Shrier, a journalist, said: “You broke it, bought it, and it’s his fault.” When she said this, the audience loudly clapped in agreement.

Maher said that since Biden became president, more than 9,000,000 people had entered the country illegally. He claimed this was more than all of Nicaragua. Maher said, “He allowed in the equivalent of all Nicaragua.” He said that the Democrats have a problem because they won’t say how many people are too many. Their answer is, “infinity or you’re a racist.” That’s a great description of the Democratic attitude.

Shrier went on to slam Biden for his campaigning and the fact that he reversed former President Donald Trump’s policies. He did this, but now he is stuck with “the consequences.”

It’s an excellent reason not to vote for Biden. There are, of course, many more. This article explains his incompetence and craven behavior perfectly, especially now that the elections are approaching. Americans understand it and are not happy about Biden’s actions. Many of them have turned to Trump.

Maher said, “Listen to the eye-popping statistics: Trump has an edge of 30 points with registered voters when asked ‘Which candidates would handle immigration better ‘…including Trump also has a 23 point edge among Latinos.”

Look at the South Texas vote totals. It’s crazy. They’ve changed in 90% of Hispanic-populated areas. It’s only a 50-point difference between Trump and the Republicans. Welch added that Democrats do not have a narrative to reverse the trend. The Left’s immigration narrative is too chaotic for the public to accept.

These numbers are absolutely devastating, and they will give Trump the victory.