Prince Harry Dodges Royal Wedding to Avoid Tense Showdown with Brother Prince William

Prince Harry has avoided another confrontation with Prince William, his estranged half-brother.

Harry did so to avoid an awkward encounter with William. Harry chose to decline the invitation to avoid an awkward meeting with William.

“Hugh is a diplomatic and friendly personality. Hilary Fordwich said that he had maintained a relationship with Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince Harry was invited, but it was decided he wouldn’t be able to attend. Prince William worked as an usher, and it would make him appear more awkward if he directed Harry to Harry’s place.

Both of the brothers wanted to make sure that the newlyweds were the center of attention during the special day.

Christopher Andersen, the author of “The King”, stated that the press coverage would be so intense and the hysteria surrounding the two brothers being in the same room could overshadow the wedding.

“Harry’s presence would have turned this entire affair into a media circus and he didn’t want to do that for a friend.” William might have declined the invite if he knew Harry had accepted. Harry knows this. ”

He concluded: “This is how I fear the world will look in the future.” William doesn’t seem willing to compromise right now.

The ongoing rift is a result of Harry and Meghan Markle leaving the royal family in 2020.

The couple left because of the intrusions by British media and their racism.

Since moving to Montecito, Harry and Oprah have lived there. Harry and Oprah Winfrey have been living in Montecito since moving there. ”

During the coronation ceremony of the King in May, the brothers sat separately and never acknowledged or spoke to each other.

Harry visited Charles after Charles’ cancer was diagnosed in February.

Fordwich said, however, that Harry at the time was not allowed to remain in any of royal residences, and he didn’t have a reunion with William.

Harry attended a panel in London to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Invictus Games. It was an event celebrating Harry’s 39 year-old cause. Royal watchers at the time said that Harry’s trip to Britain was not going to lead to reconciliation with his family.

Andersen said that the drama between the wives and brothers was “just too much”. All parties are still bitter. “