Tragedy in Southern California: Random Gunman Targets Cars, Killing Beloved Father of Four

When you think that things in California can’t possibly get more crazy, they do.

A new video shows a man in San Jacinto, California, randomly shooting at cars. He kills a father of 4 and wounds another. The tragedy happened on Monday:

Julio Rodarte (39) was arrested for murder and attempted murder.

“It’s so sad you know, very sad,” said Enrique Tores, who owns E & E Tires, located near the shooting. “In the back, 5 or 6 people were working you know, and I was afraid he would get in my business and start shooting people.”

He claims to have heard 30 or more shots fired during the incident.

Just after 7 am on Monday, the incident occurred just north of W. 7th Street along State Street.

Warning: graphic footage

A Riverside County man appears to have lost his mind.

Rodarte stopped in a nearby market and tried to buy a shot, but he didn’t have the money. He then allegedly left the area and moments later pulled out a gun and started shooting.

He first discarded the clip and then the gun. Tores claimed that he then removed all of his clothing.

“He was naked and he kept walking.” “And that’s when the police were called.”

Kevin Dalton, former Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors candidate, and commentator on all things insane in LA, summed up the situation best.

Gavin Newsom might pretend to be concerned if this had happened in Texas or Florida.

Dalton’s comment is about the fact Gov. Gavin Newsom is known to regularly trolling other states, such as Texas and Florida for their gun or abortion laws. He also loves to repeat the ‘book-banning’ lie.

I’ll be looking out for you.

Gavin Newsom, who is jealous of Ron DeSantis’s success, continues to obsess over him and says he needs a little humility.

While his state is descending into lawlessness, he continues to post things like this: While he is facing a massive budget deficit, he still finds the time to post things such as this:

Why don’t you just leave Arizona and fix things here?

Our hearts are with the victim, 42-year-old Victor Hugo Leon, and his family who have created a GoFundMe.