CA Sen. Scott Wiener Sparks Controversy: Claims ‘California’s Kids Are Our Kids’ to Kick Off Pride Month

Many Californians are aware that Scott Weiner, state senator (D-San Francisco), is scheming to get promoted. There’s no secret about the fact that he will run for office as soon as Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco retires or dies. If he is re-elected in 2024, he will have another chance to run for office in 2026. If he is re-elected, term limits will kick in. Wiener, like any politician who is a swindler, is always looking forward to his next meal. The whole LGBTQ+ with all the letters may be popular in his San Francisco District and even some parts of the country, but the pedophile advocate will not.

Wiener, along with his LGBTQ Caucus (all 12 members) in the Legislature, welcomed a group of Pride Month celebrations to the legislative session. He also announced his support for AB1955, a law that makes it a criminal offense for school boards agreeing to inform parents about their child’s gender transition. California is suing the Chino Hills Unified school district for implementing a policy requiring parents to know about their child’s gender transition. This is a losing fight if current court decisions are anything to go by. The California legislature will instead do the mopping-up to reinforce Newsom and Co.’s wasteful legal warfare.

No matter how loud we protest, our California legislators ignore the voices and concerns of their constituents. They try to avoid “We the People” by using “gut and amendment” legislation.

Recent example of this is AB1955, authored and sponsored by Assemblyman Christopher Ward (D-San Diego), the Support Academic Futures Educators for Today’s Youth Act. The bill was introduced in the Assembly in a seemingly uncontroversial manner as an education bill. The bill passed through all the committees using the “consent schedule”, meaning there was no opposition.

After the bill had gone through the Assembly’s hoops on May 22, it was gutted and replaced with a new bill bearing the same number and name. This new bill represents a direct attack on parental rights.

AB1955, as currently written, will make it illegal for schools not to inform parents about social transitions of their children without the consent of the pupils. The Senate has not listened to the concerns of the people about this violation of parental right.

Wiener’s speech was supposed to be a celebration of Pride Month, but he used it as a way to attack the opponents to AB1955. He also attacked the grooming and exploitation of California youth. Wiener referred to parents who want to raise their kids as they please as “nasty” people trying to harm them.


We will always be there for them, they are our children, and we must make sure that we lift them up and give them a pathway to success.

“Our kids,” huh, Wiener? You may want to take a look at the room.

Wiener is at the forefront of some of the most horrendous laws that are anti-parent and anti-child. AB1955 represents yet another attempt at trample on parent’s rights, by referring to their right to be informed about what their child is doing as a “forced outing.”

Senator Scott Wiener of the LGBTQ Caucus was a little more blunt in explaining his support for AB 1955. He addressed the issue at a Pride Month celebration in San Francisco. He said, “That is our decision. No one else’s business.” We will make this clear in California law.

Several testimonies were given at the hearing on May 29, highlighting the serious implications of the bill. Aurora Regino is suing Chico Unified Schools District for her horrifying experience. “My daughter’s school influenced her to believe her sadness was due to the fact that she was actually a boy.” The school encouraged my daughter to adopt a male identity without telling me.

Wiener never met a social engineering program funded by taxpayers that he did not like. When it comes to social engineering, Americans and even Californians are not onboard.

Wiener was unaware that even San Franciscans would no longer tolerate debauchery disguised as advocacy.