Hamas Humiliates Biden with Sharp Rejection of Ceasefire Proposal

This is the worst foreign policy brain in American history. Joe Biden is a great subject for any article because he will find a way of screwing up a foreign issue. He’s not been on his best behavior when it comes to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Biden announced with triumph a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, which appeared to be an rehash the terms the terrorists demanded in the previous round of negotiations. The whole thing was a white flag waved by a lunatic.

Hamas would win a “complete ceasefire”, allowing them to regroup and emerge from their caves. The terrorist group wouldn’t even be required to release all hostages in return. They would be allowed to release “some” along with the remains and bodies of those who were murdered. Hamas was returned to power as the ruling authority, while American taxpayers were left with the reconstruction costs.

Hamas has just thrown the rug under Biden. Who can you trust today if you can’t even trust a terrorist organization?

What are these “differences”? Hamas won’t point out any differences. Why bother if the West and its army of supporters will always defend them?

It’s true that I don’t believe the “differences in terms” are the main reason for the refusal of this ceasefire. I believe the real reason is more sinister than that. Hamas uses the hostages to push the idea of a ceasefire. But do they want a ceasefire? I don’t believe so.

Why? Why? Hamas’s constant jerking back of the carrot, and Hamas’s constant dangling of it, makes it the most probable explanation. The game is over if a ceasefire is reached. They can continue to blame Israel and walk away from the table if they want.

Biden is a bumbling idiot. He boasted about a alleged deal with a terror group before the terrorist group even gave assurances. His foreign policy instincts led him to another utter failure. Biden’s failure is as certain as the sunrise.