World Distracted by Israel Controversy as Russia Bombs Children’s Hospital in Broad Daylight

The Russians intentionally targeted Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital during the morning rush hour. The hospital treats many of the most sick children in the country.

First responders are still trying to clear the rubble. It is estimated that at least 137 people were injured in the city. However, it is not known how many children are buried beneath the rubble of the hospitals for children. The attack was carried out in public by monsters who targeted families and children.

Some doctors were operating on young children when the strike occurred. They had to close vulnerable patients in horrendous conditions before they could reach safety. This is unimaginable.

Iryna Filionova, senior nurse at the pediatric urology department, told CNN an operation was taking place on a child of two years old when the strike took place.

“Our department is destroyed.”

Russia has committed an atrocious war crime against innocent civilians. It is a war crime that Russia has committed against innocent civilians.

In October 2023, Israel was accused of bombing Al-Alhi Hospital just as the war started. When it was proven that Israel didn’t bomb the Al-Alhi Hospital no apology was offered.

Putin knows about the double standard and continues to commit crimes that are worse than the ones Israel is accused of but is not held accountable for.

Trump stated during the debate with Biden that he would be able to settle the conflict between Ukraine and Russia in 24 hours. Although he did not provide details, he indicated his desire to reduce aid to Ukraine and delay the country’s NATO membership. Trump claimed that had the U.S. President been stronger, Russia may have never invaded Ukraine.

“If we had a real president, someone who was known by Putin and respected him… he would not have invaded Ukraine.” ”

Biden is not wrong. He does not inspire fear in our enemies. Biden is called the worst foreign-policy president that we’ve ever had. Trump, on the other hand, is a strong leader with common sense who has won some historic victories as president. The Abraham Accords and significant progress made with Kim Jong Un are examples. He was a leader who had common sense, and he achieved some historic victories on the international stage as president. The Abraham Accords with North Korea and making significant progress with Kim Jong Un were among these. He was a strong leader who had common sense and made some historic international victories as president.