John Deere Exposed: Famous American Company Drenched in Wokeness, Claims New Report

No corporation seems to be able to escape the gravitational force of woke politics, such as DEI policies or ESG adherence. John Deere, the world’s most famous tractor manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere is included.

Robby Starbuck, a filmmaker from Los Angeles, has made it his goal to expose and root out corporate submission to radical leftist policy. This is especially true for corporations that depend so heavily on the success of ordinary Americans. Starbuck’s investigation and exposure of Tractor Supply Co., which he conducted recently, forced the company to abandon its DEI program and to walk back any links to leftist politics. Instead, they vowed to focus on American priorities.

Starbuck, who just won the award, has now turned his attention towards John Deere. What he found was a massive disappointment.

John Deere, according to him has a deep commitment to progressive policies. You would not think that a company that deals primarily with farmers and rural Americans could be so deep. He posted a YouTube video but explained what he learned in a bulleted list.

  • Funding an event to celebrate pride for children as young as three
  • “Genderbread man” training
  • The company asks employees to include their “preferred pronouns”, in all communication.
  • Bill Gates is their largest shareholder
  • John Deere’s accounting and finance teams celebrated taking United Way’s 21-day “United For Equity Program”
  • When I did the “United For Equity” program it promoted Ibram Kendi, the woke children’s book “Anti-Racist Baby”, “Awake to Woke to Work”, a podcast on the concept of “Whiteness”, woke activist Robin DiAngelo, bigotry against Christians who supposedly have “Christian Privilege” and more
  • John Deere’s global brand has adopted several DEI policies, including those that apply to their Latin American and Indian subsidiaries.
  • LGBTQ & Race-based Identity Groups at Corporate
  • Total commitment to DEI Policies
  • The HRC scored 95/100 on the CEI

Noah Wall, Executive director at the State Financial Officers Foundation said that John Deere only received a score of 95/100 because they “provided the required benefits” (which included paid transitions for children) but forgot to create a guide for their benefits.

John Deere also announced mass layoffs, and that they are moving their manufacturing facilities from America to Mexico. Fox Business reports that the company is forced to lay off hundreds of workers across the country due to high operating costs and a lack of sales of tractors.

Around 280 employees will be laid off from the company’s East Moline, Illinois plant, and another 230 workers at its Davenport, Iowa factory. Around 100 production workers at the Dubuque, Iowa plant will be affected. The company told FOX Business that all layoffs will be effective as of August 30.

WQAD reports that about 500 workers have been laid off at the Waterloo Plant in Iowa.

DEI can be expensive for companies. Not only does it require a large amount of money for implementation, but it also leads to fewer sales, as the quality of products decreases or customers are alienated.

John Deere is no exception. This is heartbreaking because it is one of the companies that was in America before the Civil War and is hugely popular among rural Americans.

No major corporation, however, is immune. It’s crucial to speak up. Starbucks explains in his video that it’s important to call the corporate office and voice your disapproval. Let them know that they have made a grave error.