Seriously? Chicago’s Mayor Blames Dick Nixon for His City’s Rampant Gun Violence

I don’t like Lyndon B. Johnson. The Vietnam War was a result of his stubborn refusal to remove Robert McNamara from the position of Secretary of Defense. His Rules of Engagement were also a major factor in the deaths of thousands of Americans. Johnson was the product of a corrupt system of politics that had echoes of Tammany Hall’s corruption. He was a bully, liar, and unrepentant bully who won his first national election through blatant electoral fraud. But LBJ is still a hero for Democrats.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a noble concept. It was a noble idea. Johnson then declared war on poverty in the same calendar year. This had little impact, but it created a dependency that exists today. After 15 trillion dollars, America is left with a dependency state that has existed for 60 years. Johnson’s fight against poverty, like the Vietnam War, was lost even before it started.

Richard Nixon won a landslide of votes when Johnson decided not to run for a 2nd term. Nixon’s civil rights legacy is often forgotten because Watergate has tarnished and defined his presidency. What was Nixon’s legacy on civil rights?

Nixon increased funding for historically black colleges from $75 million to $600 million by 1972.

Johnson did not initiate the Emergency School Aid Act. It was a $1.5 million program to end school segregation. Nixon started it.

Nixon issued executive orders requiring the federal government’s personnel policies to be based on equal opportunity. Nixon allotted $12 million to sickle-cell research. During Nixon’s first term, federal spending on black-owned companies grew by 900 percent. During Johston’s tenure, the amount was less than $13 million. Nixon’s term saw it grow to $142 million.

Nixon was not without faults but he appeared to have been “all in” when it came to trying to correct some of America’s mistakes about race relations and prejudices.

Only idiots would say that Nixon didn’t do anything on this matter, or worse, that he caused a new schism. Richard Nixon is not responsible for the shootings of black men in Chicago. Only a total idiot would claim this. Brandon Johnson, the man who occupies the mayor’s office in Chicago, is my choice.

Johnson’s incompetence was evident even six months after he took office, compared to his predecessor Mayor Lightfoot.

Johnson, as predicted by those who are not woke, has been worse than Lightfoot. He has taken a softer approach to crime, especially with teens, and has an incoherent policy to deal with illegal immigrants. This has led to frustration among residents, which has resulted in heated public meetings.

Johnson’s knee jerked hard enough to hit him in his mouth. He blamed Republicans and racism for his mismanagement of the illegal aliens flooding his sanctuary city.

Johnson has some of the lowest approval ratings in Chicago’s modern history. He’s now doing what every woke Democrat does: blaming so-called right-wing extremists/racists for his failed leadership in the Windy City.

Johnson, now six months and a year into his presidency, has a new villain. This time it’s Richard Nixon, a dead Republican. Johnson tearfully praised LBJ and blamed Nixon’s city’s gun violence. Johnson is not to blame for the 18 deaths over the weekend. About 90 others were sent to hospitals rather than the morgue.

It would be great if we could catch that genie, and stop using the hackneyed race card. It’s not surprising that elected officials make baseless claims. When incompetent idiots like Johnson get elected, they seem to only have one option: play the race card. Even Johnson seems to have sunk to a new low by blaming an incompetent dolt who hasn’t served for half a century. This is also historically ignorant, but facts are rarely important. Brandon Johnson, at least, doesn’t care.

Remember: Johnson was once a teacher.