Woman Who Wrecked Atlanta Has Thoughts on GOP Commitment to America

Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Leader of the GOP, announced last week his Commitment to America. It is focused on ending the worst policies of Biden’s agenda, which have led to record inflation, increased crime, drug overdoses, and dependence on China. MSNBC invited Keisha Lance Bottoms (ex-Mayor of Atlanta), to discuss the mainstream plan that the Republicans had proposed.

How terrible was Lance Bottoms’s tenure? You should be able to see the evidence in her decision not to run for another term in a city that is Democratic-owned.

Lance Bottoms provided the same “space for destruction” to rioters as Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake gave to BLM “protestors”, in 2015, following the 2020 death of St. George Floyd. Although Lance Bottoms didn’t give Rawling-Blake explicit permission to riot, her actions made Atlanta much more violent and dangerous.

Lance Bottoms made a series of public statements and took official actions that demoralized law enforcement and allowed it to be limited while sympathizing with the rioters. When she punished officers who used force to quell the riots downtown, it was clear that her problems began. After Rashard Brooks’ death, she stepped up her anti-police rhetoric. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s investigation, Brooks refused to be arrested, attacked officers, and tried to shoot them using their tasers. The investigation backed the use of lethal force.

Lance Bottoms, instead of waiting for the results of the investigation, stated publicly that she didn’t believe the shooting was justified. New orders were also issued by Bottoms that limited the police’s ability to respond to violence in Atlanta.

After her speech, shootings rose with 75 people being shot between May 31st and June 20th, 2020. The previous year, there were only 35. Between June 17-20, the Atlanta Police Department (APD), was almost inoperable because of multiple sickouts in various precincts. It was strange to see such a large city without scanners.

The Wendy’s parking lot in which Brooks was shot by an officer became Atlanta’s autonomous CHOP-like zone at the beginning of July. Instead of sending in law enforcement to clear the area, Lance Bottoms and the other council members decided that they would negotiate with the rioters. After the death of an eight-year-old girl, Republican Governor Brian Kemp threatened that he would take control of public safety in the area. Rioters shot her after her mother drove her car too close to Wendy’s, a sacred Wendy’s. Secoriea Turner was killed by the anti-police cause at Keisha Lance Bottoms’s Atlanta.

Atlanta continued to slide into chaos, even after the riots against St. George Floyd were ended by Joe Biden winning the election. The murder rate in Atlanta was at its highest level in 22 years by December 2020. The rates of aggravated assaults and carjacking rose as well. These trends continue into 2022. After several shootings, the lawlessness that grew under Lance Bottoms led residents of Buckhead to seek their independence from the city.

Lance Bottoms was able to make it onto the shortlist of candidates for Je Biden’s vice president despite the chaos she ruled over. She was made the Senior Advisor for Public Engagement at the Biden White House after she failed to make it. She sat down on MSNBC with Jonathan Capehart to support the Biden administration’s narrative that “MAGA Republicans” are a threat to America. This is absurd.

Lance Bottoms stated that there is a MAGA Republican agenda that does not consider the rule of law and doesn’t respect a woman’s right to choose. He also wants to defund the FBI. “There is a MAGA Republican agenda which thought it was okay to attack the Capitol of our nation on January 6.”

This statement is from the woman who let riots infest her city for several weeks during the summer of 2020. One eight-year-old died in the immediate aftermath of her policies, and many young people have been killed by increased violence since then. After the 2020 actions of Lance Bottoms, record numbers of officers resigned and retired from APD.

Whose policies pose a threat to society? There is more evidence to support the claim that it is Democrat politicians such as Lance Bottoms or other officials in deep-blue cities that pose a threat to the safety and security of Americans. If Joe Biden wants to lie on TV, he might consider hiring more competent and credible advisors.