Biden Only Spoke to DeSantis After the Governor Called Out the President’s Pettiness

PJ Media reported that the White House admitted that President Biden had called a number mayors of Florida in advance of Hurricane Ian hitting land. However, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis didn’t receive a call.

DeSantis spoke out about the lack of communication from the White House at a Tuesday press conference. He noted that he had received support from FEMA but has not heard back from Joe Biden.

DeSantis stated, “So I haven’t spoken to the president personally, but FEMA approved our pre-landfall requests.”

He continued, “I’m happy for the president to hear what we’re doing here in Florida.” “People’s lives are at stake…no room for pettiness. We have to work together to ensure they get the best possible job. My phone line remains open.

The White House evidently understood that Biden needed to forget his differences with DeSantis, and act like a leader. Later that evening, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced that Biden had called DeSantis.

She tweeted, “President Biden spoke with Governor DeSantis in Florida to discuss the Federal government’s steps to assist Florida prepare for Hurricane Ian.” “The President and Governor pledged to continue close coordination.”

Although it was good that they finally spoke, it took far too long and, whatever the White House believed they were proving by demeaning DeSantis, it clearly backfired.