CNN Can’t Stop Using Florida’s Destructive Hurricane Ian to Push Climate Politics

CNN takes the motto “Never let a crisis waste” too seriously. It cannot stop using Hurricane Ian to promote climate change narratives.

We previously reported that Don Lemon tried to get the NOAA director to declare that climate change caused the hurricane’s intensity. The director refused to do so.

Bill Weir, a CNN anchor, is now trying to claim that global warming is to blame for Ian. Weir stood in the middle of a field, soaked in rain and wind, and repeated his claim that this was a climate problem. He said that the community had been destroyed by Hurricane Charlie before and that was when he started to drum on climate change.

He spoke about the lessons these people learned about living along the coast amid a rapidly warming planet, and how climate precautions were implemented. He concluded by urging climate change advocates to continue their efforts.

“This is exactly the warning climate scientists have been predicting for a while, and we are now able to witness it up close.”

This hurricane, or at least its intensification, is the result of left-leaning anti-scientific “climate change”, which has been consistently predicted but never proved to be true. Even though weather experts have been denying that the hurricane is related to climate change on their channel, they can’t help but try to convince you otherwise.

The left seems to have Hurricane Ian as their marching order, despite it being a manmade disaster. Yesterday, Amy Klobuchar tried to claim that Democrats are capable of stopping hurricanes if they just elected them into power.

As you can see Lester Hold, NBC’s chief meteorologist, is pushing climate change makes hurricanes a more powerful narrative.

This is the bottom line. Democrats and their media will try to get you to vote for them using any means necessary. It is absurd to try and scare you into voting by threatening more hurricanes if Republicans win, but it may work for the ignorant or gullible.

It’s still disgusting that, while many are on the brink of losing their homes and jobs, CNN and the Left cannot help but use a disaster to their political advantage.