Woke Airbnb Bans Conservative YouTuber’s PARENTS, Restores Them After Outcry

Totalitarian regimes are notorious for their tendency to target dissidents and their families. A blood relation could lead to a relative or uncle of a freedom fighter being sent to the gulag, even though he hasn’t been in contact with him in years. The Kim regime in North Korea takes dissidents and their families and puts them into concentration camps. There are even children who end up behind bars. It’s impossible for that to happen in North Korea, is it? We’re not there yet, but we are on the way. Conservative YouTuber Lauren Southern announced Tuesday that Airbnb had banned her parents from using their services, for the crime, being related to her.

Southern, who has over 720,000 YouTube subscribers, sent a tweet to her parents stating that they had received a notice from Airbnb. “We have an update for you. We have removed you from the Airbnb platform as your account is “closely associated with someone who isn’t allowed to use Airbnb.” Southern explained that they had never booked anything for her. They don’t represent me in any manner. They don’t hold any public political views.”

Airbnb decided to lower the boom. She stated that she was banned for her politics and “affiliations” years ago. Now, Airbnb, a little North Korea was also extending the ban to her family, assuring them in unctuously that they “don’t take these decisions lightly.”

Southern commented: “My parents, some of the most sweetest people I’ve ever met. They were planning a romantic getaway and weren’t activists. “I’ve only learned that governments and corporations cannot shut you down by harming your family. As it turned out, Airbnb was unable to withstand the heat. Gregg Re, Tucker Carlson’s producer, contacted the woke giant to report: “@Airbnb says it was a mistake’ to ban Lauren and her family members. The decision was reversed. Lauren is still banned. However, the spokesperson did not explain why. He said that he would send an email to confirm. He also denied Jay Carney’s claim that he is targeting political dissidents.”

A “mistake.” Sure. You bet. Southern’s first tweet has had eleven million views at the time of writing. That’s a lot of people realizing that Airbnb is run by totalitarians who have politicized it and made it clear that they don’t welcome dissidents. These tinhorn Marxists, facing a huge economic hit, made a “mistake”. No other woke business has ever banned a prominent Leftist or his family. These “mistakes,” despite their apparent simplicity, tend to only target those on one side or the other of America’s great ideological divide.

Re also published exchanges with Airbnb’s Ben Breit. Breit stated that Airbnb banned Southern for being “affiliated to hate groups.” But he repeatedly refused the request to identify which “hate group” was too far for Airbnb. This is undoubtedly true. This is a very likely scenario for far-Left companies. They rely almost entirely on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s biased and spurious listing of “hate groups,” which categorizes virtually every organization that opposes the Left in any context as “hate”. Why shouldn’t Airbnb?

Why should a service that is supposed to help people find lodging be concerned with such matters? A lodger who uses the property for illegal activities should be charged. Airbnb does not have any business dealing with politics. Except, that’s exactly what companies do when they are in totalitarian countries. This is the society that the Left wants. Boycott Airbnb!