ABC News’ Dax Tejera Died From Choking Amid Acute Alcohol Intoxication, Not From a Heart Attack

Dax Tjera, a journalist for ABC News, died of choking from “acute alcohol intoxication,” USA Today reported, this was not the same as the original December report they had given.

USA Today reported that the executive producer, aged 37, died from asphyxia caused by obstruction of the airway due to food bolus. This was in addition to acute alcoholism.

USA Today reported that Tejera’s accidental death was also ruled accidental.

Kim Godwin, the president of ABC News, sent a memo to his staff at the time Tejera died. It stated that he had suffered a sudden heart attack, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Fox News stated that ABC News had not responded to their request for comment.

Veronica Tejera, Tejera’s wife, was also charged with the crime in January. Police said that Tejera and her husband left their 2-year-old daughter and 5-month-old girl alone while they went out for dinner the night Dax Tejera passed away.

Variety was told by a spokesperson for the NYPD’s Public Information Office that Veronica Tejera had been booked on two counts, one of which is “acting in a way injurious to a minor.”

Police responded to a call from Yale Club members regarding unattended children at the Yale Club address in Manhattan.

According to the New York Post Veronica Tejera stated in a statement, that her husband fell and she accompanied her to the hospital. She asked her parents and a friend to watch the children while she monitored their movements with a camera.

The Post reported that she claimed the hotel wouldn’t let her friend in, and instead called the police.

The Post, however, citing sources, stated that “the children were not left unattended for long while the two went out on town at Bobby Van’s 230Park, just around the corner from a private club before Dax Tejera (37), collapsed outside of the eatery.”

Veronica Tejera was issued a desk ticket, and she was released.

The Reporter stated that Dax Tejera was the executive producer of ABC News Sunday’s public affairs program “This Week”.

Rachel Scott, a Congressional correspondent, reported on Tejera’s death. She said that he was “deeply missed by all of our ABC News colleagues”: