Why Is Nancy Pelosi Hardcore Endorsing Biden for 2024?

Nancy Pelosi said, “He’s The One” when she was asked by CNN about Biden’s prospects for 2024 — apparently contradicting recent rhetoric from other prominent Democrats.

When party leadership is about to throw one of their own under a bus, they tend to be more measured in their praise. While it is not normal for Pelosi to denigrate Biden on national television (of course), she would be much more careful in how she expressed her admiration than she did here.

The reigning slay queen is the only person who can possibly know the plans of the Democratic leadership. She may be second to Obama.

Assuming that Pelosi was not just on the sauce (possibly with Xanax), this suggests that Team Democrat is actually working together to send old warhorse Biden into combat for one more round while Kamala is out. They would, of course, gladly throw the old mayonnaise face to one side for a younger, fresher Person of Color if they had their way.

Kamala, however, is an unmitigated catastrophe.

Who is the other person on the bench? Mayor Pete?

It appears that there are no other options.

If all of this is true, and the Deep State continues to be its puppet, then why is the FBI openly investigating Biden’s “mishandling”, or the secretive storage of classified documents in his offices and properties?

Initial reports suggested that the scandal surrounding Biden’s documents was being presented to the public to make it easier to get rid of him. This theory, which I, along with many analysts, initially believed, was true. Now, however, it is unclear what the agenda might be.