Kamala Says She Hasn’t Seen Dr. Jill Kissing Her Hubby, Then Abruptly Changes the Subject

Joe Biden’s rantings are enough to entertain, so viewers of the State of the Union address were treated to the charmingly soap-opera-ish attraction of Jill Biden kissing Second Guy Doug Emhoff, husband of Kamala Harris.

Harris Bidenishly was addressed by Edwin Pitti, Univision’s director of programming. He said, “Madam president,” and added: “I must question you about yesterday’s State of the Union speech.” A viral video shows the moment your husband was kissed and embraced by the First Lady when she arrived in the [House Chamber]. Harris smiled as if Pitti was telling a joke, and kept her smile on throughout.

Pitti asked Harris, “What was your reaction? Many claim they gossip about the clip.” Harris replied with indifference, “No. I haven’t seen the clip. Many claim they have to gossip about it.” This is how we can combat hate. He is not only antisemitic but also hateful of immigrants. Unfortunately, this has been the case in our country. Gee! That’s great. It’s great. But what do you need it to do?

There was nothing. Harris did not simply say that The Kiss was of no significance. This raised even more questions. Harris’ sudden and unexpected topic change keeps the gossip mill buzzing.

There are many other peculiarities in this business. Emhoff and Harris were seen to be a little distant in May 2021. Newsweek reported that Harris gave Doug Emhoff a farewell kiss on Wednesday. Newsweek reported that Harris “gave Doug Emhoff a goodbye kiss on Wednesday.”

Harris refused to address The Kiss only fuels speculation. This whole incident shows that America’s current national leaders, as well as their families, are bizarre, creepy, and have messy personal lives. Justin Trudeau is openly a fan of Communist China. The political elites are exempt from any restrictions or responsibilities because they live off the hog.

Moral superiors today fly private planes to summits on climate change around the world. They discuss eating gourmet meats and taking away our cars. We don’t have a great model to follow, but neither of these couples is.

Regardless of what the Kiss was, it could have been another sign that the people in power and those in charge have very different values from most Americans. Leftists are imposing these values on us, regardless of our wishes.