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The grand jury that was investigating the incident involving a student from Loudoun County School district who had committed sexual abuse against two students and in two schools in order to get his punishment made its findings public on Monday.

Loudoun Now reports the jury has been appointed since April, as Attorney General Jason Miyares requested. Miyares was responding to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s request. He made it an executive order his first day in office.

The issue was how the district dealt with a situation where Stonebridge High School student sexually assaulted a girl in May 2021. He assaulted another girl after he was transferred to Broad Run High School.

The report by the grand jury, which includes nine members, stated that although there wasn’t a coordinated coverup, LCPS administrators were.

…looking out for themselves rather than the best interests LCPS. This resulted in a shocking lack of transparency, accountability, and openness to both the public and the special Grand Jury. Senior LCPS administrators up to and including superintendent had to make clear decisions and change the sequence of events that led up to the October 6, 2020, BRHS sexual attack. They failed at every stage.

The report states that school board members were intentionally deprived of information about the assaults, even though there was no cover-up. They had to find out about them through the media, which presumably The Daily Wire’s investigative report. Grand jury found that both the abduction and assault on October 6, 2021 could have and should be avoided.

The report mentions that the father of the victim in the October 6 incident was taken from Stone Bridge High School by the principal. He asked for a letter of “no intrusion” against him. The LCPS chief operating sent an email to the superintendent, and other senior staff, indicating that the incident was connected to policy 8040. This pertains to “transgender students” and was set for a team meeting. This was the grand jury’s belief that it was the “beginning” of the lack of LCPS support for this situation.

Loudoun Now has made the complete report and all attachments available online. It does contain explicit language and profanity.