56 Year Old Concealed Carrier Turns Tables on Armed Carjackers in Chicago, Shooting and Seriously Wounding 2 of Them

A 56-year-old man armed with a concealed weapon resisted three armed teenage carjackers in Chicago. He turned the tables and shot and severely wounded two of them while the third was injured in a car accident.

According to police, the man was driving in his car in the 4700 block of West Arthington Street. The incident occurred just before 6 AM when three teenage males approached him in a vehicle.

WBBM-TV reported that one of the suspects pulled out a gun and demanded the man’s belongings.

The man was not about to be a victim. WBBM reported that he instead exited his car, struggled with at most one suspect, then pulled out his gun and opened fire.

All of them suffered the consequences.

The suspect’s driver was shot in the head, and he was taken to Mt. WLS reported that Sinai Hospital was in critical condition.

WLS reported that another suspect was located nearby with a gunshot wound on the shoulder. He was then taken to Stroger Hospital and was in serious condition.

WLS stated that the third suspect was sitting in the back of the suspect’s car and had a broken leg following the crash. He was then taken to a local hospital where he is in fair condition.

WBBM reported that the suspect’s car crashed into an open lot. The crash was reported by WBBM by a neighbor who heard it. He said that the sound was like a “train hit or something”.

WBBM was told by police that the man who shot the suspects had a concealed gun license and was not hurt in the incident. Detectives are also investigating.

Carjackers in the Windy City seem to have been meeting with resistance as of late; a 17-year-old carjacker died last week after a woman carrying concealed shot him in the head during an attempted heist on the south side the day before Thanksgiving.

In July, a woman with a concealed carry license shot at a group of males who pointed a gun at her as they attempted to steal her car — and a 13-year-old male with the would-be thieves was shot.