Why Does The Left Love Riots?

Here’s a fact: the hard left loves to riot in black communities. More and more are noticing each day. In late January, the Black Lives Matter had even commissioned 8 focus groups of young black voters in swing states to drill down on Democratic problems since Barack Obama left office. One Philadelphia man even said his mother and grandfather voted over the years and all of them got nothing. “So why should I participate in the same process?” He asked.

The focus groups were conducted before the response to the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police. This also preceded the outbreak of a pandemic and a crumbling of the economy that left 40 million unemployed.

Democrats have only urged African Americans to channel their frustration into voting left. For young black voters, many of whom are protesting, that requires trust in a system that has done little for them and their families. Joe Biden has been struggling throughout his campaign to connect with young voters, particularly those of color, and according to public polling, this is a serious problem for the former vice president that has started the presidential race.

This week’s demonstrations are also proof that Democrats want to alienate these voters from the political process. The left are not telling the people of Minneapolis to work from within the system and vote in elected officials to best support their communities, but rather to riot and alienate them from the political process entirely. To point the finger at President Donald Trump and let the Democrats do the rest…but just remember to vote them into office. 

President Donald Trump will peel off a small portion of black men as he’s trying to, but whether or not Biden can persuade young black voters in battleground states is still a question lingering about. 

“This is a moment where people are disillusioned in institutions. I’m worried that a lot of our first-time voters, and a lot of them are young voters, are going…to completely opt out of the system,” said Branden Snyder, executive director of Detroit Action, a grassroots organization that works to mobilize black and brown voters from economically marginalized communities. 

For Democrats, young black men were the most problematic for the party, since that group’s participation dropped the most from 2012-2016. Democratic margins amongst African Americans dropped 3 percentage points from 2016-2018. The speculation from this data sparks that among Democrats Trump and the GOP are gaining traction among non-white voters. 

Biden will win a large majority of black voters but the party is worried less about Trump’s winning than those who are just ambivalent about Biden and the party itself. The left doesn’t want Trump to win this election but they also can’t seem to convince the young voters that Biden wants to win. This is the difference in thousands of votes, especially in swing-states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Detroit. 

For that, Biden would need to acknowledge his past support for strict police tactics and a criminal justice system that’s long discriminated against minorities. This includes his 1994 federal crime bill.

The young people who did not back Biden are the same ones protesting in the streets right now, so what is the easiest way to get their votes? Getting them to not vote at all. Promoting the crumble of an entire justice system, which is completely unrealistic and won’t ever happen. People have to learn to plot, plan, organize, and most importantly, vote. The turnout for this year’s voting will determine how communities are affected and how they will rebuild. 

Democrats want people to take it to the street, not the polls.