Is This A Bad Investment To The American Taxpayers?

The audacity someone would have to not protect their own city from riots, trash the President in the process, then go running to the federal government for money. That exact thing has happened for Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey in the process. 

The damages within Frey’s own city have already surpassed $55 million and climbing. The damage has been done to at least 220 buildings. The cost estimate is likely to increase in the coming days as government officials tally the damage done in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Minneapolis police were overwhelmed with widespread looting and burning. Frey held the police back even, one night ordering them to abandon the 3rd Police Precinct where Chauvin and the other former officers had been stationed. Rioters quickly broke into the building and set fire to the police station. Fire department officials were unable to get through the crowd to douse the building.Eventually they activated the National Guard to move into the city to restore order.

That money’s got to come from somewhere so might as well push the Trump Administration and Congress for it, right?

“We will do everything we can as we shift to recovery mode. We’re recovering from crises sandwiched on top of each other, from COVID-19 to the police killing and then the looting which took place afterward.” Frey stated. 

Gov. Tim Walz and other members of Minnesota’s congressional delegation are trying to get government assistance to offset the costs. In the past neither Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) nor Congress has sent federal funding to cities ravaged by riots. 

This is not what FEMA is for. Even during the Obama Administration, Maryland was denied assistance after the Baltimore riots in 2015. Politicians sat by and let their own cities be destroyed and now they have to pay for it. Minnesota’s government had ample opportunity, including the usage of the National Guard, to stop the rioting, burning of buildings, and looting. They instead chose to appease the mob for left-winged narratives. To Democrats there is no limit to what you have to do to push your political views. So that’s on them.

Walz and his administration has been talking to senators who represent the Twin Cities. They have been seeking the federal assistance they need to rebuild communities and explore other options for how to get things in their cities back to normal. 

Good luck with that. The White House will never sign off on this push to the same state that is also currently pledging to disband their police force. Talk about a bad investment for the American taxpayers. 

You can’t blame a city for getting overwhelmed but Minneapolis also pampered the rioters and waited days until calling in the National Guard. Regular Americans shouldn’t have to foot the bill for a city that didn’t take responsibility until things went south. Let the people of Minneapolis pay to rebuild the communities they destroyed themselves. 

Why bother rebuilding if you considered the destruction as justice?