Does This Make The Washington Post ‘Fake News’ Too?

The media continues to want the worst for the economy as we start to come out of the pandemic and people get back to work. It sure seems that we have an issue here and that most people want this issue running all the way up until November. 

The Washington Post already had a pre-written story about the expected job numbers that came out today and, of course, it’s miscalculated. The article reads the following: “Grim milestone to be reached as May unemployment rate nears 20 percent.”

The Washington Post was blasted on social media after it jumped the gun with this inaccurate tweet. The actual report indicated the rate unexpectedly had dropped to 13.3 percent. May’s 13.3 percent is significantly down from a record high in April, indicating the nation’s economy is recovering faster than expected from the coronavirus lockdown. The jobs had picked back up and there was an indication that the economy may be coming back.

The Labor Department said in its report that employers added 2.5 million jobs in May – the biggest increase on record. The Washington Post had later deleted the original tweet and edited their story. They changed the “grim milestone” headline to “U.S jobless rate unexpectedly declined to 13.3 percent in May amid pandemic.”

The paper claimed it was an accident when they had attempted to update an existing story with the jobs report. “Ahead of the release of todays’ jobs report, we published a story reflecting how many economists expected the country to reach an unemployment milestone. That story was then updated when the jobs data was released.” A Washington Post spokesperson stated.

This goes to show what Washington Post’s prediction is worth. There is no justification for pre-writing the story and claiming they forgot to change their pre-written URL about a “grim milestone” just sounds like another pushed Liberal narrative, despite the facts. 

You would think the Washington Post wouldn’t pre-write and then publish their scheduled tweets if they don’t want to get hit as “fake news.” They also don’t want to believe President Donald Trump added 2.5 million jobs instead of the predicted loss of 7.5 million jobs in May. They didn’t think that’d occur. What happened to having faith in your own President?

We knew this is what the Washington Post wanted whether it was true or not. This was the story they wanted to post. Left-winged media platforms don’t seem to bring news anymore, just opinion. Opinions should be left in the commentary section, but I suppose this wasn’t learned in journalism school. They had a different take they just couldn’t help but broadcast.

We can’t wait for the economy to be roaring well before election day at this rate. This is great news for President Trump.