“Why Can’t He Just Stay Home?” A Neighbor Pleas

Liberal commentators love to point the finger and call everyone dirty even when their hands aren’t clean. ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos was seen taking an East Hamptons stroll without a mask covering his face even after testing positive for Coronavirus earlier in April. He was engrossed in a long conversation on his mobile phone with a mask hanging around his neck.

An upset neighbor of his spoke out. “For somebody who reports on the pandemic every day, and is broadcasting guidelines about safe social distancing, George didn’t really seem to care. He tested positive, his wife tested positive, why can’t he follow the local mandates to wear a mask in public, why can’t he just stay home?” He was also seen a few days after announcing he tested positive leaving his Hamptons home in a pair of shorts and walking for about a mile along East Hampton lanes, with his mask down the entire time. 

“I learned over the weekend that my test came back positive for COVID as well, which is really no surprise given that I’ve been here for a couple weeks. I’m one of those cases that are basically asymptomatic. I’ve never had a fever, never had chills, never had a headache, never had a cough, never had a shortness of breath. I’m feeling great.” Stephanopoulos says. So then why is the Left media instilling such fear of COVID-19 when one of their very own anchors even says he’s feeling great? 

All of these sightings have been since the town of East Hamptons website was updated, mandating people to wear masks in public. This executive order went into effect on April 17.

Stephanopoulos announced, since the no-mask controversy, that he had been cleared of the virus and is also donating his blood plasma with coronavirus antibodies. He tweets “Last week I tested positive for Covid antibodies, confirming I cleared the virus after weeks without symptoms. I’ve also signed up for a clinical trial to donate my blood plasma and expect to make the donation in the coming weeks.”

After the tweet, he was then spotted at a local drug store while his wife had tested positive for the virus still too. For someone preaching people to “stay home” and citing mask regulations, shouldn’t he be practicing what he preaches? Not out at pharmacies picking up medicine for his sick wife, but abiding by curbside pickup and delivery options available. He was wearing a mask and gloves but this was still after his wife Ali Wentworth had been diagnosed. 

Stephanopoulos also drew criticism from The Breakfast Club, Vox, and other media hypocrites. Matthew Yglesias, from Vox, said he purchased face masks in February while the publication was confidently telling people they didn’t need them as late as March. They later have updated their story to encourage individuals to wear face masks following the Center for Disease Control’s reversal.