Why Are Human Rights Groups Ignoring Hamas Raping Women?

Where the hell are you? Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, asked about women’s and human rights organizations who have kept nauseatingly silent on Hamas’ use of rape as a war weapon.

“You’ve heard about the horrific atrocities and sexual mutilation of Israeli women.” “Where the hell are YOU?”

Netanyahu met the families of hostages who were freed and heard horrific stories about Hamas’s atrocities against Israeli women.

“I heard heartbreaking stories of abuse,” he said. “I heard, as you have heard, about sexual abuse and unprecedented cases of cruel rape.”

Joe Biden, the U.S. president, also criticized the international community’s silence on the horrific atrocities.

Hamas terrorists are committing atrocities against women and girls, including raping and repeatedly raping them. They then mutilate their bodies while they’re still alive. He said it was appalling.

The following descriptions of atrocities that were reported in the New York Times may be graphic.

One woman’s body had “nails, different objects and other things in her female organs.” Another house’s genitals looked so mutilated that “We couldn’t tell if it was man or woman.”

Simcha Greinman paused for a long time as he said these words at a United Nations event on Monday. He was a volunteer who helped collect the remains of the victims of the Hamas-led attack on Israel on Oct. 7.

He said: “Horrific sights I saw and felt with my hands.”

The world cannot ignore what is happening. All of us, including the government, international organizations, civil society, and businesses, must condemn Hamas terrorists’ sexual violence without hesitation. “Without equivocation and exception”, Biden continued.

But “the World” has turned away. The silence is sickening.

After eight weeks, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres finally condemned Hamas’s sexual abuse of Israeli men and women. UN Women, a women’s rights organization, released a condemnation of the October 7 events 57 days following the Hamas attack.

“We condemn Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel on the 7th of October.” The statement went on to say that we are shocked by the many reports of sexual violence and gender-based abuse during these attacks.

Not only women were targeted by Israeli rape.

Associated Press:

Participants said that some of the recently freed hostages have shared their testimonies about the sexual abuse they experienced in Gaza.

A doctor who treated some 110 of the released hostages, told the AP separately that at least ten men and women were sexually abused or assaulted, but didn’t provide any further details. The doctor spoke under the condition of anonymity to protect hostages’ identities.

Some left-wing Americans demand more proof that Israeli women were raped.

Briahna Gray, former Bernie Sanders Press Secretary, wants more proof, and she also claims that no female victims have testified. CNN writer Jean Philipovic responded tersely to this point.

What about rape kits, Zionists?

It is important to note that it took the UN nearly two months before they mentioned the sexual violence against females. The statements are hollow to the women, who feel abandoned by those who claim they represent their cause.