Did the Secretary of Defense Threaten to Send American Troops to Ukraine?

A controversy is brewing following a briefing on Ukraine that was held on Wednesday for House members behind closed doors. The purpose of the meeting was to end the deadlock in Ukraine funding. The conservative members of the House told Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense that Ukraine aid would not be approved unless a strict border security bill called H.R. It is impossible to pass H.R.

Today, controversy erupted when former Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed that Austin had threatened to send American troops to Ukraine in the event Congress failed to pass a bill acceptable to Biden’s White House.

The Biden administration openly threatens Americans over Ukraine. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told members of the House in a classified briefing yesterday that “we will send your cousins, uncles, and sons to Russia” if they do not appropriate more money for Zelensky.

This raises several questions at first glance. Austin’s actions towards the Defense Department are something I will not tolerate. He isn’t the kind of person who would douse himself with gasoline and light a match. That’s what he did. Strangest of all was the threat that their “uncles”, who were in Ukraine, would be sent there. “Uncles?” Really? The youngest “uncle” in this crowd is likely a Social Security beneficiary, NTAWWT. It’s even more unlikely that Congressmen didn’t rush to the microphone. A statement of that nature would not be covered by any pre-conference agreement, and its outrageous nature would have made it mandatory for every member to report it.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin responded a few minutes later.

Griffin’s report reflects the information that other media outlets received from the participants at the briefing. This included Texas Republican Michael McCaul.

Lloyd Austin, the Pentagon chief, warned Congress on Tuesday that if Congress does not pass additional aid to Ukraine, the United States could be forced to send troops to Europe to defend NATO’s allies.

After Biden administration officials and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin briefed House members, McCaul told The Messenger: “If [Vladimir] Putin gets Ukraine, he will get Moldova, Georgia, and maybe even the Baltics.” The lawmaker said that the officials had urged Congress to approve additional aid for Ukraine.

McCaul said that the possibility of having to send troops to the ground, as Secretary Austin had stated, was high. He also added that he wanted Congress to pass legislation to fund Ukraine. “That’s exactly what we are trying to avoid.”

Some people are less charitable than others.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, was one of the gleeful ones.

Austin, the US Defense Secretary, has revealed a secret. The general, who was straightforward and simple-minded, unhesitatingly revealed the US’s involvement in the conflict between Russia & Ukraine.

It is not about saving dying citizens, or a country that has disappeared from the map of the world. No, the fight is not for democracy against dictatorship. No, it’s not even about confronting Russia to reduce its defense capability. It’s… the need to modernize the US defense industry for $40 billion.

What an honest person!

In the end, it all comes down to increasing military production and creating jobs. It’s also possible that it is about the huge profit that companies associated with the Biden Administration make from this.

[For those who are not Catholics, the Latin phrase is: “The tongue of the slave is his most vile part.”]

McFaul should not be used if you are going to claim that someone is covering Austin. Austin has said the quote from Griffin and McFaul since shortly after Putin invaded Ukraine. Although it is reminiscent of the Domino Theory, which I believe was right in principle but incorrect in assuming that communist victories were inevitable, it is justified if you have listened to Putin or Russian state-run media over the past three years.

I hope Carlson digs deeper into his sources because if it is true, his report contradicts the statements made on the record by participants, and that would, in my opinion, be grounds for impeaching Austin. It is inhumane to send 80-year-old Congressional uncles in winter to Ukraine. He must be able to identify the source of the story if he wants to stick with it. The overwhelming evidence suggests that Carlson misunderstood what his source said and was misinformed for whatever reason. If this is the case, Carlson needs to take responsibility and publicly apologize for the story.