Did RFK Jr. Admit to Flying on Epstein’s Jet?

Last month, it was revealed that RFK Jr. had flown on the “Lolita Express”, a private plane owned by Jeffrey Epstein, a notorious child sex peddler.

RFK Jr. admitted that he flew on the infamous jet to visit his mother at Easter. It was clear.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. clarified his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein after it was revealed the presidential candidate had flown in the private jet of the convicted sex offender.

The independent presidential candidate for 2024 was one of several high-profile individuals who were named in 2021 as passengers on Epstein’s jet. This jet was used often to transport guests to Epstein’s private Caribbean Island, Little Saint James…

In response to the growing curiosity about Kennedy’s inclusion on the list of passengers, a representative for the former Democrat told Newsweek exclusively that he “flew one time in Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane.” In 1993, he flew from [New York City] down to Palm Beach (Florida) to see RFK Jr.’s mother for Easter.

The spokesperson said that Epstein’s former partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, was friends with Mary Richardson Kennedy at the time. Richardson Kennedy died in 2012. Kennedy has been married to Curb Your Enthusiasm actress Cheryl Hines, since 2014.

The representative confirmed that Mary, Kennedy’s spouse, and their two children were on board. Mary knew Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell who, when she learned they were going to Palm Beach over Easter, offered them a ride.

He now admits to CBS News that he flew on the plane twice:

While speaking to Fox News on Tuesday, independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. said he flew twice on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet.

Epstein is a well-known sex offender and a key figure in many sex trade conspiracies. In 2019, his mysterious suicide in a federal prison in New York sparked rumors that he had clients within the federal government.

Kennedy, 69 years old, said that his time aboard the jet had nothing to do with the current Epstein controversy.

Kennedy stated that he had been on Epstein’s jet twice. “I have been open and honest about this since the beginning. It was 1993, 30 years ago. It was before anyone knew about Jeffrey Epstein’s nefarious agenda.”

Bobby was not “very honest about this” from the start.

Next month, it might be three, four, five, or six. We may learn that he rented it out to celebrate his birthday. Who knows?

Epstein tries to defend himself by claiming that the trips took place in the 1990s before anyone was aware of Epstein’s more scandalous activities.

It may be true or not, but his history of lying makes me hesitant to believe him.

As far as I am concerned, there are two possibilities: RFK Jr. was either aware that Epstein is a sleazebag who likely runs a blackmailing operation and may have been compromised himself, or else he was the worst judge of character in human history. Now he is lying to cover his tracks.

In either case, he’s lost my support forever.