White House Finally Speaks out on Pro-Abortion Violence and Intimidation

The White House likely received polling data that showed that they were not pleased with leftist attempts to intimidate and attack churches and pro-life groups. The White House did not condemn the actions taken by the SCOTUS leaker but encouraged them.

This is the anarchist symbol. 1312 can also be used to say “ACAB” (or “All cops are bastards”).

The Biden Team condemns violence and threats and insists on justices having the safety and security necessary to fulfill their duties.

A White House statement was released about one day after an attacker threw one Molotov cocktail in an office of Wisconsin Family Action. This is a pro-life activist group.

President Biden strongly condemned the violence of any kind and any attack on political organizations. The White House issued a statement stating that peaceful expression does not include violence, vandalism, or intimidation.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, also participated.

These are correct statements they should have made right away. But they didn’t because they wanted the left to vote in a frenzy. Left-leaning people are also critiquing the Biden team because they succumbed to the right’s pressures and weren’t assertive enough.

Democrats are responsible for whipping up Keith’s violence, threats, and vandalism. They might reconsider voting for Democrats if they feel abandoned in their fight.