Crazed Seattle Pro-Abortion Protesters Resort to Intimidation and Lies at a Church

Pro-abortion activists are driven by the fact they cannot sacrifice their babies to Moloch or Baal.  It was clear that leftists in Seattle would get involved. As the night turned into the day, activists donned matching outfits with bullhorns to show their disapproval of all opposition.

The pro-abortionists attempted to enter St. James Cathedral during Mass, as you can see in the videos. They were also wearing hospital gowns with fake blood.

They laid their bodies on the steps. She claimed that Darwin awards are given to Christians by Christians to help women who want to have an abortion.

Protestors tried to get into the church but were stopped by authorities and security.

It’s strange that the radical left accuses children of being sexually-charged subjects.

A warning about language. They love to use harsh words, and it is no surprise that they do.

This tactic has been in use for decades. It is very obvious.

The women can claim that they peacefully protested their opponents’ violence and Anybody with two brain cells could see that this was a con. Some people believe that they were and make this drama to impress their friends and create false security.

Given the theme of the protest, it would appear that these women are in danger not only for their children but also for themselves. You can be more reflective and bring up your concerns.