Elon Musk Sets Internet On Fire With Cryptic Tweet About Dying Under Mysterious Circumstances

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, caused a stir on social media when he suggested that he might be killed “under mysterious circumstances”. Some on Twitter assumed that Musk might be afraid of the Clintons. However, it appears that the CEO was referring to a possible threat from Russia.

Musk posted the following message on Twitter: “If I die in mysterious circumstances, it’s nice knowin youa.”

Musk’s mother Maye Musk replied “That’s not funny,” but her son said, “Sorry!” I will try my best to keep alive.

Many commentators suggested that Musk may be afraid of former President Bill Clinton or his wife, former Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton. This was in response to the conspiracy theory that the Clintons were involved with Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide.

“Do you have dirt about the Clintons?” digital strategist Greg Price asked.

“Wait… What do you know about Hillary Clinton?” comedian Tim Young asked.

Musk’s Sunday night tweet that garnered over 52,000 “retweets”, made “The Clintons” a trending topic on Twitter.

Others referred to a tweet by John McAfee, Oct. 15, 2020. In it, the anti-virus software producer and computer programmer stated that he did not intend to commit suicide following his arrest in Spain for tax evasion.

“I’m content here. I am surrounded by friends. It’s good food. All is well. McAfee tweeted, “Know that if you hang yourself, a la Epstein it will not be my fault.”

McAfee, who was apparently hanging from his cell in suicide shortly after his extradition to Spain by the Spanish National Court, was found hanged to death on June 23, 2021.

But, unlike McAfee or Epstein, Musk was not arrested and isn’t in prison. It is clear that Musk was not referring specifically to the Clintons as a threat to his life but to the Russian government.

The Tesla CEO quoted a Dmitry Rogozin message shortly before his cryptic tweet. This was a former Russian deputy prime minister who sent a statement condemning Musk’s Starlink satellite firm for allowing the “Nazi Azov Battlion” access to the internet.

According to Musk’s translation, Rogozin wrote that “From Colonel Dmitry Kormyankov’s testimony, the 35th Marine Brigade of Armed Forces of Ukraine was delivered by military helicopters to the militants of Nazi Azov Battalion, and the Ukrainian Marines at Mariupol.”

Rogozin stated that the Pentagon was responsible for the delivery of Starlink equipment. “Elon Musk is thus involved in providing military communication equipment to the Ukrainian fascist forces,” Rogozin stated. Elon Musk will be held responsible for this as an adult, no matter how foolhardy you pretend to be.

Musk tweeted the message, “The term ‘Nazi” doesn’t mean everything he seems it to,”

Musk’s Starlink was indeed used to connect Ukrainians to the Internet during the Russian invasion.

The Azov Battalion, a unit of National Guard of Ukraine, is located in Mariupol in region of the Sea of Azov. In June 2014, it was involved in the recapturing Mariupol from Russian forces. Russia repeatedly used the battalion to justify its invasion of Ukraine as a “denazification” effort, despite the fact that Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is Jewish.

Andriy Dichenko, a spokesperson for the brigade, stated that 10% to 20% of those who are Nazis were in fact, USA Today. However, the ideology has nothing to do “with the Azov’s official ideology.”

Zelenskyy strongly denied that the Azov Battalion encourages Nazism.

Zelenskyy stated last week that the Azov Regiment was not a formation of volunteers, but a part of National Guard. They are part of the state’s official army. Anyone who wants to be involved in politics (left the Azov regiment). The National Guard of Ukraine was formed by those who volunteered to serve in it.

The Ukrainian president stated that any previous extremism within these ranks could be traced back to Azov Battalion’s years-old status as a volunteer organization. However, much has changed in the past few years.