What Needs to Happen Next in Georgia?

We know Herschel Walker will face Sen. Raphael Warnock in a runoff to win the Georgia Senate seat. We are likely to see the same candidate in the next Georgia Senate race in 2020.

Warnock’s success is due to one factor: low GOP voter participation. Democrat groups fed the beast by displaying billboards saying, “You know your vote will not count, so why bother?”

This can’t happen again. Georgia doesn’t need six more years from Raphael Warnock to be its Senator. The balance of power in Georgia is dependent upon Republicans winning this race.

What must happen? Republicans and Conservatives have to vote. Brian Kemp and other state winners show that Walker can achieve at least 50% even without a Libertarian candidate.

Georgia Republicans who won Tuesday’s elections need to support Herschel Walker. Although it would be great to have support from outside the state, the GOP will need to provide in-state support.

Georgia’s conservative rank-and-file must shout their support for Walker. Tell the world you support Walker. Get your family and friends to do the same.

If your Georgia resident, vote for Walker. Encourage your friends in Georgia to vote for Walker.

It is possible to win this thing, but Walker voters must turn up and make their voices heard. Raphael Warnock shouldn’t be allowed to return for six more years.