Trump Mocks DeSantis Again, and I’m Already Sick of It

Donald Trump continues to treat Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis is still being treated as a political foe. Trump mocked DeSantis’ historic win by insisting that his 2020 victory in Florida was more significant.

“Now that the Election in Florida has ended, and everything went well, should it not be noted that I received 1.1 million more votes in Florida in 2020 than Ron D got this past year, 5.7million to 4.6million? “Just asking.”

Florida was won by Trump by a margin of 3.4 points, while DeSantis won the reelection election by a margin of 19.45 points. Trump, it’s a shame, but I believe DeSantis won more.

Trump’s ego-driven, absurd pettiness must stop.

Trump mocked DeSantis last week at a Pennsylvania campaign rally while boasting about his 2024 poll numbers.

Trump at 71, Ron DeSanctimonious 10 percent, Mike Pence 7 percent. Trump said to the crowd, “Oh, Mike’s doing much better than I thought.”

Later that night, Trump threatened DeSantis to not run for president in 2024. He called it a bad idea.

As I have said, I believe the 2022 midterms showed that Ron DeSantis was the future of the Republican Party. Donald Trump must pass the torch. While I felt Trump was robbed in 2020, and I wanted him revenge in 2024 for it, he clearly doesn’t mind tearing down the GOP in order to rebuild himself. That’s not cool.