Woman Who Assaulted Her Roommate With the Help of a Pit Bull Pleads Guilty to Murder

After a vicious attack on her pit bull that resulted in the death of a Kentucky man, a woman pleaded guilty to murder.

Police were summoned to Melissa Wolke’s Conway, Kentucky residence in the early hours of January 10, 2020, after a neighbor became alarmed at the sounds of vicious fighting. The neighbor arrived to evaluate the situation and saw Wolke seated on top of Donald Abner (a 55-year-old auto mechanic) and attacking him.

Wolke was also heard by the neighbor encouraging her pit bull, Denali, to attack. Wolke told Denali, her pit bull, “good boy, get him,” the neighbor overheard.

Police arrived to find Wolke, Denali, and Abner still attacking Abner. Because Wolke wouldn’t call Abner or subdue him, they had to shoot and kill him. Later, she told police that Denali was once trained to fight but had become friendly and submissive since her adoption.

According to a police report, Wolfe had bloody hands and feet and a large clump in her hair that looked like the victim’s hair.

According to reports, the neighbor also recorded the attack on his smartphone but deleted it quickly because it made him sick to watch. The video was never recovered by police.

A crime scene investigation revealed no evidence of drugs or struggle, but there was an empty liquor container.

Wolke was too drunk to talk to police seven hours after she had been brought to the detention center. Detective Ryan Loudermilk, Kentucky State Police, later testified in court. She revived and admitted she suffered from alcohol abuse, and that she would sometimes go black after drinking too much alcohol.

She was also distraught over the incident and began crying, repeating the phrase “Oh my God!” She also appeared distraught about the incident, crying and repeating the phrase “Oh my God!” Abner, whom she claimed was a friend for a long time and had lived at her residence for three months prior to his death.

A coroner concluded that Abner died from asphyxiation on the spot. The coroner found that Abner also suffered facial injuries and a fractured neck bone. However, Abner was not believed to have been bitten by a dog.

Wolke, 40, pleaded guilty to the murder of Abner last month and was sentenced on Monday to 20 years imprisonment.

Wolke will be back in court in March to face unrelated misdemeanor allegations.