What Happened to the 177,000 Illegal Aliens DHS Lost?

We are not in very good hands when it comes to our homeland security.

DHS Inspector General reports that 177,000 illegal aliens who were released in the U.S. disappeared. But that’s not all.

Out of the 177,000 illegal immigrants released, 54,000 were found to have blank addresses. The rest either had invalid or nonexistent addresses. Address forms included 50 different locations, including a Maryland restaurant, a Georgia bus station, a New Jersey car dealership, and an Illinois church.

DHS cannot send an immigration hearing notice to illegal aliens if they do not have a valid address. In the process of screening illegals to determine if they pose a threat to national security or criminal activity, a valid address is required. Without it, the illegals cannot be arrested and deported.

The report stated that “ICE must have the ability to locate migrants in order to enforce immigration laws and to arrest or remove those individuals considered to be potential threats to national safety.” The report said that “the notable percentage of addresses which are missing, invalid or duplicate means DHS might not be able to locate migrants after their release in the United States.”

Why are there duplicate addresses? U.S. Border Patrol personnel and ICE told the IG illegals “commonly shared addresses and may reuse addresses based upon extended family going to the same locations or based upon information from potential smugglers.”

It is not the fault of ICE or border patrol to submit forms about illegals with no address. However, it is stupid. The Biden administration’s cynicism, political maneuverings, and blatant disregard for common sense and good policies are directly responsible for these outrageous violations.

NBC News:

In March 2021, to reduce the crowding of Border Patrol processing centers, the Biden Administration began releasing migrants without court dates but with a notification to report to an ICE Office within 60 days. The Inspector General’s Investigation found that over 25,000 out of nearly 100,000 migrants who were released with a notice only to report to ICE had missing addresses.

In a previous inspection report, the inspector general reported that 29% of migrants who were released with a notice requiring them to report to ICE within 60 days did not do so.

Incredible. One out of four illegals who are released without a court appearance have no contact information that DHS can use to reach them. Nearly 30% of illegals released without a court date never reported their location to DHS, despite the fact that it was part of their terms for release.

DHS must immediately create a program that will track these illegals down, correct? DHS, however, said that it did not need to create a system for validating addresses on forms used by migrants. The report summarized DHS’s response by saying, “It is the responsibility of the noncitizens to provide a correct address.”

A spokesperson for DHS told NBC News that “our immigration system is outdated and broken, and Congress must fix it.” The Department of Homeland Security has made improvements to the way non-citizens have been processed and vetted, even under outdated laws. DHS, our intelligence partners, and counter-terrorism partners screen individuals who want to enter the United States to ensure that they are not a threat.

“The IG ignores legal and operational constraints that make it impossible for the Department to implement its recommendations. The report also excludes several recent DHS improvements to how we track and update noncitizen addresses across agencies.”

From March 2021 until August 2022, more than one million illegal aliens and asylum seekers were released in the United States interior. How many will disappear into the illegal alien underworld, never to return?