Gaetz Threatens to Oust McCarthy Over Impeachment ‘Baby Step’

A plot twist of this time was the fiery Florida Republican Congressman who represents the Panhandle. He took to the House Floor to call for the removal of Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R., California) after he announced he would begin impeachment procedures to remove President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

He said: “Joe Biden should be impeached for turning the vice presidency into an ATM for his family.” “We all know it.” “We all see it.”

Rep. Matthew L. Gaetz, II, a House Freedom Caucus member, said: “Moments earlier, Speaker McCarthy endorsed an impeachment investigation.”

Gaetz dismissed McCarthy’s attempt at impeachment, saying it was too little and too late.

“This is just a small step after weeks of conservative pressure in the House to do more. We must move quicker.”

Gaetz stated that the speaker of the House did not honor his promise to House conservatives, in addition to failing to hold the President to account.

“On this floor, in January, all of the world witnessed an historic contest for House speaker,” said

The host of Firebrand’s podcast said, “I rise to give notice that Mr. Speaker you are not in compliance with the agreement which allowed you to take on this role.”

He said that the House of Representatives would either have to bring you to immediate and total compliance or remove you by way of a motion for you to leave the chair.

Gaetz claimed that the speaker did not bring issues of extreme concern to conservatives in the House to the floor.

McCarthy, McCarthy said the congressman in January.

He said, “But here we are, eight months after, and we still haven’t sent the first subpoena Hunter Biden.”

He said, “That’s the way you know that the rushed performance and slightly rattled performance from the speaker you just watched is not real.”

He said, “We did not vote on term limits and balanced budgets as required by the agreement.” “The tapes of Jan. 6, as promised, have not been released in full.”

The congressman stated that there was not enough accountability for the President and his business dealings involving family members.

Gaetz said that McCarthy had also failed to reduce the federal government’s spending, as he promised. McCarthy was also accused of using dishonest accounting tricks to increase spending. “You ended up being the valet for Biden’s debt, and advancing his spending agenda.”

McCarthy: Not enough evidence to impeach Biden

McCarthy, standing at the lectern in front of his office, near Statutory Hall, and the corridor that leads to the House Floor said he believed Biden to be a corrupt person who, as Vice President, had mixed public service and private gain.

Gaetz spoke shortly after McCarthy.

The speaker stated, “In recent months, House Republicans found serious and credible allegations about President Biden’s behavior; these allegations, taken together, paint a picture showing a culture rife with corruption.”

He said: “Through our investigation, we found that President Biden had lied to the American public about his knowledge of family foreign business dealings.”

He said that “Eyewitnesses” had testified to the fact that President Obama was involved in multiple phone conversations, and had dinners with his son, and his son’s partners, which resulted in millions of dollars and cars for his son.

McCarthy claimed that the Bidens have made nearly $20 million, and the money has been distributed among the members of the Bidens and their partners via shell companies.

He said that the Treasury Department alone had more than 150 transactions with the Biden family, and other business associates, which were flagged by U.S. Banks as suspicious.

Even a trusted FBI agent has claimed a bribe was paid to the Biden Family.

Speaker Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., will lead the investigations.

He said, “We are committed to getting answers for the American people – nothing more and nothing less.”

“We will follow the evidence wherever it leads us.”