RFK Jr. Threatens to Leave Democratic Party

The Democrat Party is a latent catastrophe in the face of RFK Jr.

On the one hand, they are fully dedicated to sabotaging his campaign. Under no circumstances whatsoever will he be permitted to win the nomination?

The truth is, even if he received 80%+ of the vote from the electorate the party leadership (influenced largely by the donor and consultant classes) would prefer to lose with Brandon rather than win with RFK Jr. due to what he could do to the Deep State or D.C. generousness if he were to ever assume office. The administrative state would suffer a bloodbath, as would all the grifters that feed off it.

The other side is that they should keep RFK Jr. in the Democrat Party, because if he ran as a third party, something he really should have done all along, it would be a death knell to the Brandon entity’s prospects for 2024. These are already very thin.

What Cornel’s Green Party campaign might have done to Brandon’s reelection, multiply that threat 10x or 100x to get a sense of what RFK Jr. could do to the Democratic Party. A strong third party led by RFK Jr. could literally destroy the Democrat Party forever or for many years. This is how tired the party’s members are of its BS, as well as independents and nonvoters (the country’s largest unserviced voting block).

RFK Jr. is a man who has proven to be bulletproof against the relentless attacks of corporate media and the Democrat Party. He’s arguably at a similar level as “Teflon Don” in this respect.

In an interview with Forbes RFK Jr. explains the elaborate measures taken by the Democrat Party to rig his primary, threatening to drop his intraparty bid in favor of a third-party run.

You know, I have to consider other options if the DNC wants to win. I cannot go back to those who have supported me and my donors and tell them that I am just doing this to make a statement. I must show them the way to victory.

Everyone must encourage what is currently a threat, albeit a credible and sincere one.

RFK Jr. leaving the Democrats would almost guarantee a crushing defeat for the Brandon entity in 2024. This is good news for everyone, including deluded, loyal Democrats who don’t see their own self-interest.