New York Defies Washington, Plans to Issue Work Permits to Illegal Immigrants

New York politicians have proposed an innovative – and totally illegal – program whereby the Department of Labor of the State would issue work permits on a state level to some of the asylum seekers so that they can work.

The state wants to make it look like the work permits were valid and businesses don’t get into trouble for hiring employees who are pretending to be legal.

The White House does not pretend to oppose the crude plan.

Hochul said at a Manhattan press conference that it would be “unprecedented”. As I said, however, “we need to let them work”.

The New York Times:

White House officials on Tuesday opposed the idea of state-level work permits. They told reporters that this was “clearly” a federal issue and that we wouldn’t encourage states to use “workarounds”.

Instead, the officials said they would focus their efforts in this month to help speed up the process of obtaining work permits for migrants who have already completed the necessary paperwork but are not eligible to do so. While the White House couldn’t say how many migrants fall into this category, it did state that there are a significant number.

Stephen W. Yale Loehr is a professor of immigration and law at Cornell University. He said that a judge would likely invalidate a state permit system if employers could use permits issued by the state to hire recent migrants.

Yeah, sure. It’s a case that is beyond doubt. It makes you wonder why liberals think they can suspend constitutions just because of an “emergency”. New Mexico Gov. Lujan-Grisham suspended Constitutions in Albuquerque and banned firearms.

The word “emergency”, however, does not give federal or state governments the right to suspend the rule of law at their discretion.

The State Department of Labor would be required to implement a temporary permit system and issue permits to asylum seekers within 45 days of their application. Employers, both public and private, would have the option to hire asylum-seekers.

In an interview with Ms. Cruz, she stated: “Let us find a way to resolve the conflict between federal and state powers.” “I think we have a law that recognizes the state’s ability to act in an urgent situation. ”

You and your New York legislator colleagues want to play “pretending” and ignore the law.

The bill will be in federal court before the ink is dry if the legislator passes and Hochul signs one of these laws.