Welcome to Economic Hell

The October 2021 inflation numbers have fallen and they have Wall Street excited but the average American is in for a surprise. However, the Consumer Price Index was only 7.1 percent.

Take a look at the most expensive products and see if yours are experiencing a price increase of 7.1 percent.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store to purchase meat. My intention was to get some rib-eye steaks. The prices were so high that I bought a pack of pork to take home. The meat department was completely out of reach for a family of normal people. It all comes down to how low-quality one is willing to pay while still getting it of good quality. Nevertheless, eggs, the most popular family staple, are up 49%.

These numbers are not complete. We’ve entered the period when year-over-year sums tell us little except that last year was also high. If your baseline is 6.8 %, which was November 2021’s inflation rate, then the 7.1 percent increase in 2022 adds up to 14.4 percent of an increase in prices since Joe Biden won.

It’s insane to believe that Americans pay 14.4 percent more than they did two years ago for certain things. This is Joe Biden’s America, and its economic hell. We also have a term that describes what this is. This is called stagflation and it’s defined as a combination of consistently high inflation and unimpressive growth. This is the 1970s over again. All it took to make this a reality was a lonely old man in the White House.

To that, I respond, “Great job America!” Far too many voters went to polls last month to vote for Democrats at levels not expected. They stamped their approval on the disastrous, horrible presidency and stamp out any red wave. How is that working out? Biden and his associates will only double down on Biden’s current plans, which was totally avoidable.

Even more frustrating is Karine Jean-Pierre, along with the rest of the White House propagandists, will go out and declare this latest inflation report a victory. It’s a victory for them that groceries are now 20 percent cheaper than they did when they took office. And no one will accuse them of it.

Let me ask you this question: How bad can things get before voters stop giving importance to ridiculous arguments over actual policy outcomes? Are eggs required to cost $10 per dozen? Is it necessary to charge $8 per pound for low-grade ground beef? This will finally bring these people back to reality. Because I am sick and tired to suffer so left-wing ideologues on Twitter can feel good about their own suffering. I’m sure most of the people reading this are, too.