We Have the Results of Lauren Boebert’s Recount

Jena Griswold (Democrat Secretary of State of Colorado) ordered a recount in Colorado’s third congressional district. The result saw Lauren Boebert, incumbent Republican, narrowly defeat Adam Frisch by approximately 550 votes.

“I am ordering a compulsory recount of the CD-3 races, as required under Colorado law,” Griswold tweeted. “All CD-3 counties have been notified that they can begin preparations for the recount, which must be completed by Tuesday 13 December 2022 as required by law.”

The recount results were announced late Monday night, confirming Boebert’s victory.

“Secretary to State Jena Griswold announced Monday night the results. Frisch received four votes in the recount. This is far less than what was needed to close the gap of 500 votes with Boebert. Frisch, an Aspen City Councilman had already conceded to the race after his first tally placed him just below the state’s margin of the mandated recount,” the Associated Press reported.

Frisch conceded last month and acknowledged that, despite Boebert’s narrow victory, it was unlikely that a recount would alter the result more than a few votes. In the recount, he received four more votes.

Officially, the GOP will now have 222 seats in the next Congress. The Democrats will have 213.